The Bourne Identity

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I know you guys over here have probablies reviewed it already but i have my own personal oppinion of it here, i know its gonna sound weird but its one off my site so keep with it

The Bourne Identity
Director: Doug Liman

Actors: Matt Daemon, Franka Potente and Chris Cooper

Running time: 111 minutes

Official Site: The Bourne Identity


This is one hell of a spy film, when I saw it though straight away all I thought of was ‘Enemy Of The State’ which starred Will Smith, where this is obviously a more modern version of that hit film. This action packet film stars Matt Daemon as a Spy/Assassin and includes quite a few hi tech gadgets in this film. The director Doug Liman has somewhat appeared from no-where Creating a film of the name of ‘Go’ Seen the cover, never watched it. But I believe that this wont really go in peoples head for a film to remember, don’t think it really will for me, back in the attic of my mind with all of the gremlins movies and Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures (don’t ask where they came from). But yet it is still a great action film in which everyone should at least think about seeing it.

Well the film is about the assassin (Matt Daemon) is found at the beginning floating in water with two bullets in his back, by a fishing crew. He is pulled in and as if a miracle he is alive, not knowing who he was, and what was he called he went off on his business. The first lead he followed was that there was a tiny device found in his Thy. When pressing the button on the top of this device he finds the account and bank number of where for him to go to get his equipment, that he does not know. After he finds this piece of equipment he goes off and finds out who he is eventually. While the police are after him, he also finds out he has martial art skills and knows a lot of languages including, French and German. With the excitement that an organization is after him (the very one he came from as a matter of fact) as they try to cover up his lost assignment that he failed. But when I watched the film at the end, I was like “did this film actually go anywhere” it had no target, so it wasn’t going anywhere but still the journey was still fun.

The director seemed to have salvaged what he could in this film from all the others, I’m not that surprised it hasn’t been that big of a hit. As for actors I was eagerly awaiting for Matt Daemon to get a main part in this film, and at last he got a main part, I wouldn’t call myself a big fan but he is pretty cool. I’m glad that the director at least salvaged a good actor out of this film. Overall I had to keep my friend awake while we were watching the film, but this is an ok film, but the director has done one bad thing, mixed boredom with action, very bad!

Special Effects: None really

Storyline: Good but not quite good enough for me.

Characters: Matt Daemon- Good if not great

The Rest- Forget about

Production: Just became another ‘run of the mill’ films

Overall: 3 stars

I liked Bourne Idenity, it was fast paced and kept you thinking the whole time. But Minority Report blew it out of the water, I was on edge the whole time of that movie.

Bourne Identity surprised me a lot. I was expecting a very dumb and standard film here, and even though it mostly was, it still managed to be very entertaining. I think that the story itself was interesting and the script did a great job of keeping the viewer interested and anticipating what would happen next. Also, Matt Damon did a great job and surprised me at how adequetly he could be a lead in an action film. Nothing spectacular, but you'd have to be a zombie to not be entertained throughout. It defeintley didn't deserve to bomb at the box office.

SCORE: 7/10

Definitley see it, it'll surprise you, pretty suspenseful since it keeps you guessing and interested. Also there are some really great action scenes: Excellent car chase and also the battle with the sniper. Good stuff.

Originally posted by Mr. Fong
It defeintley didn't deserve to bomb at the box office.
It opened with $27 million and finished with $121.3 million in the U.S. alone. Its budget was only $75 million. It's a success by any measure, and a hit by most.

My mistake, oh wise Yoda, you're right, i didn't know it had done so well. Over 100 Million makes it a success, although a mild one these days, but clearly it did not bomb. Good for Mr. Damon and good for Franka Potente (cuase she's hot). I guess, I thought it got lost in the summer shuffle more than it did.

It's a very easy mistake to make; it did, as you put it, get kinda lost in the shuffle. It opened well, but didn't do well enough to catch any eyes. It was up against strong competition, so it didn't even debut at #1. After that it was merely reliable, using solid word-of-mouth to bring in the dough. No fanfare...just consistency.

Anyway, great flick regardless of bank.