Twelve Years A Slave


Move aside Quentin Tarantino, because Steve McQueen is coming to completely knock you off your horse with a far superior movie about slavery.

"A man living in New York during the mid-1800s is kidnapped and sold into slavery in the deep south."

Chiwetel Ejiofor - Solomon Northup
Michael Fassbender - Edwin Epps
Brad Pitt - Solomon Northup's lawyer
Quvenzhané Wallis - Solomon Northup's daughter
Benedict Cumberbatch - William Ford
Paul Dano - John Tibeats
Paul Giamatti - Theophilus Freeman
Marcus Lyle Brown - Jasper
Michael Kenneth Williams - Robert
Chiwetel Ejiofor - Solomon Northup
Garret Dillahunt - Armsby
Dwight Henry - Uncle Abram
Tom Proctor - Biddee
Scoot McNairy (unnamed role)
Sarah Paulson (unnamed role)
Taran Killam (unnamed role)

Just look at that cast. If I could pick any active director to film a movie about slavery, my pick would be Steve McQueen. I'm sure he will give us another powerful and triumphant film with his third feature, Twelve Years a Slave. Not to mention the director/actor duo of McQueen and Fassbender is a force to be reckoned with. They work off of one another so well. This is currently my most anticipated film of 2013.


I'll watch it because the subject matter interests me. But there's no point in comparing this to Django Unchained. Django isn't a movie about slavery. It's a movie about revenge.

It was for the sake of setting comparison.

Also, the more I think about Django Unchained being about revenge, the more I dislike it.

Damn that video really has me hyped. I am a huge Mcqueen and Fassbender fan. I'd love to get a hold of McQueen's shorts and experimental art films.

Good post +1

Two other articles worth reading -

This has me particularly excited...
(on working with Steve McQueen)GIAMATTI: He was amazing! He is a really, really interesting guy. The way it was shot, he is a very interesting dude. This movie could be really freaky. His whole take on it is to take any kind of modern sensibility off of it and just create a world in which it’s completely normal that people get chained up and beaten and sold to each other. He wanted to create a sense in which it’s totally normal, so he’s not commenting on it, at all.

The most anticipated movie of 2013! After Shame my demands are incredibly high, but I hope that McQueen can do it and prove he's one of the best contemporary directors.

I'll have to start following him.
I didn't even register him as a director before that video. This year just might beat 2012

The most anticipated movie of 2013! After Shame my demands are incredibly high, but I hope that McQueen can do it and prove he's one of the best contemporary directors.
It's pretty safe to say that it is also my most anticipated film of 2013. And the more I think about it, the more I anxious I get for it. I have serious faith in McQueen.


I have to wonder whether or not the score is already written because I hear pieces from both the There Will Be Blood and Inception soundtracks in there, which I assume are just temporary... or not.

Ghost Busters gets a higher rating on IMDb. But both McQueen's movies are about an hour too long and they're short to begin with.
Yeah... IMDb. The same website that rates The Third Man higher than There Will Be Blood.

Sorry, I still feel Django Unchained will be the better movie out of the two. 12 Years a Slave might portray slavery better, but Django did it in such a unique and fresh way.

Don't get me wrong, 12 Years a Slave looks great from the trailer and reviews so far, and I'll try to watch it in theatres, but I question whether it will be more memorable than Django Unchained or not.
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-Daniel, There Will Be Blood

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the best movie I watched this year
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