Tornado flick, well before Twister?


I don't know if the storm was the main conflict in the film, but it is all I remember from the film. A women is on a farm and is out in the field, she's noticed the bad weather and wind. When the lighting flickers she sees a huge tornado. I think she takes shelter in a tractor or other farming equipment because the tornado is too close to run all the way back inside. If I'm not mistaken, she wakes after the storm buried in something, maybe dried corn or maize? I'd say this film is late 70's thru mid 80's, atleast I'm certain it was well before Twister.

Pretty sure it wasn't the Malkovich Field film, I saw it not too terribly long ago.

This breif but scary clip is all I remember, I'm pretty sure I have the order of events accurate.

I don't think it is the Country Lange film either, though I haven't seen it, simply can't find the scene as described on youtube or interent searches? Does anyone remember a scene as described in the COUNTRY film???

Maybe an old made for tv?

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Places of the Heart is also what I immediately thought of.

I will give one go of doing an imdb search for that period with tornado in the synopsis.

I did find a 1970s TV movie that sounds like Twister, but about a Hurricane, but that takes place in a coastal town,

But get a load of what the description calls "an all star cast:"

Larry Hagman ... Paul Damon
Martin Milner ... Maj. Hymie Stoddard
Jessica Walter ... Louise Damon
Barry Sullivan ... Hank Stoddard
Michael Learned ... Lee Jackson
Frank Sutton ... Bert Pearson
Will Geer

The names after that I never heard of.
It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
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Though it has been awhile since I'd watched Places of the Heart, the description of plot on wiki sounds little like what I remember? Wiki makes it sound as if they are all trying to get into a storm shelter???

It is a women on a crop field, from a flicker of lightening she notices a large tornado very close by. I think she takes cover in a tractor or some other farming equipment near her, I also think I remember her waking up buried alive.

NO. That is the only part I remember 100%, the flicker of lightning showing the close tornado. Saw a it as a small kid, really scared me at the time.

Should rewatch Places of the Heart, but I'm guessing near nothing else matches up with that film, scratching my head?

About Places of the Heart, think I remember it, a dramatic scene trying to get everyone in the storm cellar with the visibly approaching tornado in the background, if I'm not mistaken? Inwhich case it is definitely not it.

I did a search through Twister film trivia on IMDB, thought it might lead to mystery film being mentioned, as a tornado foreunner of sorts, no such luck... reall stumped here???

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I did a search on all tornado movies by key word and plot and the only TV movies that come up are all around the time of Twister, same year or year after. TV loves to cheap Knockoff movies. I didn't see any relevant theatrical movies in the right period.


I searched a bit more also, found a Bruce Cambell tv knock off also. Did searches on The Great Plains and Tornado Valley states, rural farming, can't find anything either, only lead to a bunch of films staring Ron Howard.