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So jealous I am. I am envisioning a huge walk-in closet or bunker full of cases... and my mouth is hanging open. Nice, very nice.
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I am envisioning a huge walk-in closet or bunker full of cases...
I wish!

Got this today:

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life - Region 2(France) - It's a 2 disc edition with slipcover and I went for this edition because I adore the music and the discs included the soundtrack CD, I don't believe the soundtrack CD is avaliable anywhere except in this edition.
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The Notebook - Region 1(America) - A 'limited edition' gorgeous box set with all sorts of goodies inside. I'm not fussed about the goodies but loved the thick packaging and it was only £8. The blu-ray edition is apparently out of print.

Two more for the collection today:

Seven Psychopaths - Region B(Britain) - Zavvi Exclusive Steelbook

Never watched the following series so decided to check it out after everyone saying I must, found it cheap in one of my local supermarkets:

Breaking Bad - Region 2(Britain) - Series 1 with slipcover

Warehouse 13 - Region 2, 4 & 5(Britain) - Series 2 and 3 - Nearly finished with series 1 and I love it, so got the next series avaliable ready to continue watching.

I liked Warehouse 13, but dropped it at the start of Season 3. It was ok, but that's all it was and I had too much other stuff to watch.
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^ I started series 2 last night and I love this series the more I watch it.

Got this today:

Community - Region 1(America) - Series 2 with slipcover

The following are my buys from the last week or so. A few of them are from second hand shops, I don't usually buy second hand because I like brand new things but found some bargins that I couldn't resist:

Weeds - Region 2(Britain) - Series 1 and 2 box set, comes in a lovely hessian fabric style feel slipcover. Got this second hand from a shop in town. I had not seen Weeds before so decided to start of with this set and I'm four episodes in, happy to have bought it because I love the series so far.

Urban Explorers - Region 2(Britain) - comes with a lenticular slipcover, that's why it looks odd in the photo. I have an interest in 'urbex' and take part in it so was happy to find this horror film second hand for only £1, with the slipcover still.

State of Emergency - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover. Looks an interesting low budget zombie film.

Silver Linings Playbook - Region B(Britain)

She Monkeys - Region 2(Britain)

Rabies - Region 2(Britain) - Was interested in this because it's the first slasher film to come out of Israel.

Life of Pi - Region A & B(Britain) - 3D Steelbook 2 Disc Collector's edition. A beautiful steelbook, it comes with a lenticular magnet on the front cover that can be removed.

Obsession - Region A, B & C(Britain) - Arrow Video edition with slipcover, alternative front covers and a script book. Found this second hand in perfect condition, I like the Arrow Video editions so this was a nice find.

Mad Men - Region 2(Britain) - Series 1. Decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Lords of Salem - Region 2(Britain) with a gorgeous slipcover.

Ginger & Rosa - Region B(Britain) - I like these Artificial Eye releases because they come in a thinner blu-ray box.

Falling Skies - Region 2(Britain) - with slipcover. Missed this when it was first shown on television so decided to go for the DVD release.

The Expendables 2 - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition, found this second hand but in perfect condition for a really cheap price.

A Town Called Eureka - Region 2, 4 & 5(Britain) - Series 1. I adore Warehouse 13 and this series crossed over into Warehouse 13 so be interesting to see what this series is like also.

I Didn't Come Here To Die - Region 2(Britain)

Detachment - Region 2(Britain)

Berberian Sound Studio - Region B(Britain) - Another thinner Artificial Eye box release, finally found it on blu-ray in the shops.

Bait - Region B(Britain) - with a lenticular slipcover, the 3D effect on the lenticular cover is one of the best uses I've seen.

6 Plots - Region 2(Britain) - A horror/thriller from Australia.

The Burning Plain - Region B(Britain)

Three horror films for the collection that I got today from my local supermarket:

Stitches - Region 2(Britain) - with slipcover

The Facility - Region 2(Britain) - with slipcover

Come Out and Play - Region 2(Britain) - remake of the film, Who Can Kill A Child?

A few things. I've not heard of She Monkeys. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

Seasons 1-3 of A Town Called Eureka are great. After that, you're on your own. I don't even know how it finished because it was moved around so much that I lost track of it.

I only heard about Bait a week or so ago. Yes, I want to see it.

Ginger & Rosa I'm interested in seeing. Again, I'd like to know your thoughts.

I think Falling Skies is ok, but the few Sci-Fi nuts I know really like it, so you might be in for a treat there.

I didn't know there was a remake of Who Can Kill A Child? I will have to investigate.

Congratulations on Mad Men. Yes, it is that good, even if you don't like it.

Congratulations on Mad Men. Yes, it is that good, even if you don't like it.
I've watched the first two episodes so far and I'm enjoying it, so depending on how I feel after I've finished series 1, I will move on to the other series.

I didn't know there was a remake of Who Can Kill A Child? I will have to investigate.
There is indeed, it's straight to dvd but suppose to be worth the look for a remake.

I only heard about Bait a week or so ago. Yes, I want to see it.
It's a lot of fun, I enjoyed it. A sequel is on the way too but set in America this time around in a private school.

A few things. I've not heard of She Monkeys. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.
It's not as fantastic as I thought it would be but it's worth the look, rather tense film from Sweden.

New additions:

Mama - Region Free(America) - with a gorgeous slipcover

Dead Mine - Region 2(Britain)

No Tell Motel - Region 2(Britain) - with slipcover

^ The above two straight to dvd horror films I would have normally just rented but they are not available from the rental shop I'm with. But they were quite cheap and I liked the look of them.

and finally:

Paperhouse - Region 2(Britain)

Some more I got over the last two days:

Cloud Atlas - Region Free(America) - with slipcover

Sector 7 - Region A(America) - with slipcover, and it's a 3D/2D combo disc

Django Unchained - Region B(Britain) - steelbook edition

Shaun of the Dead - Region B(Britain) - steelbook edition

Weeds - Region 2(Britain) - Series 3 with slipcover

Got all these in a package today from Germany:

The Take - Region B(Germany) - A television series I loved that was shown a few years back, finally got it on Blu-ray in a lovely steelbook edition.

Small Town Secret/Elsewhere - Region 2(Germany) - I'm a fan of Anna Kendrick and wanted to see this, not available to rent so found it cheap.

John Dies At The End - Region B(Germany) - I thought this digibook edition had the best artwork/design out of all the Blu-ray releases around the world, it's a gorgeous edition.

Gangster Squad - Region B(Germany) - Steelbook edition

The Funeral - Region 2(Germany) - Finally got this film on DVD after wanting it in my collection for years. I think it's out of print now here in Britain and also America. My favourite film from Abel Ferrara.

The Seven Ups - Region B(Germany) - Heard this was rather good.

The Fourth State - Region B(Germany) - I've liked the two films I've seen from the director(The Wave, and We Are The Night) so looking forwards to his new one.

Cold Blood/Deadfall - Region B(Germany) - This is still in cinemas here in Britain, so was happy to find it on Blu-ray already out in other countries.

New ones for the collection:

Zero Dark Thirty - Region Free(Britain) - with slipcover

The Wicked - Region 2(Britain) - with a slipcover. A straight to DVD Horror film that I liked the look of.

Weeds - Region 2(Britain) - Series 4, 5 and 6 box sets. Two series come with slipcovers.

Stranded - Region 2(Britain) - comes with a lenticular slipcover.

The Liability - Region 2(Britain) - An above average British crime thriller worth checking out.

and then I got three steelbooks:

The Last Stand - Region B(Germany) - Uncut edition of the film.

Finding Nemo - Region B(Britain) - Nearly have all my favourite Pixar films on Blu-ray now.

Commando - Region B(Britain)

I've yet to see Commando, so hope it's as good as you two are making it out to be.

This came through the post today. It was a little damaged on the slipcover and I can't be arsed to send something back all the way to America just because of a damaged box, it was only a little tear so I glued it and coloured where it was white from tearing with a black sharpie pen and it looks better.

Repo Man - Region A(America) - in a lovely digipak/slipcover packaging. Criterion Collection edition.

You have a wonderful collection my friend. Community is amazing
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