Nausicaa: DVD & Blu-Ray Collection


New one that I pre-ordered ages ago came through the post today, haven't seen this in years so can't wait to see it on blu-ray:

Willow - Region Free(Britain) - Steelbook edition
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Two more blu-rays to add that I got today in the HMV sales here in the UK, my local shop is unfortunately closing so they are having at the moment 50% and 30% off sales. Got the following two in the 30% off sales. Nothing on my wish list was in the 50% sale, as usual lol.

Beasts of the Southern Wild - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover

Premium Rush - Region Free(Britain) - with slipcover

I've pinched Used Future's idea of taking photos of his actual buys as I thought it would be better to have a photo of the actual edition I've bought for my collection. Sometimes I've not been able to find an image of the exact edition I've bought.

I've got quite a big haul for today to add to my collection, every single buy is from France:

The Forest(known as The Barrens elsewhere) - Region B - a blu-ray/DVD combo with slipcover

Die - Region B - with slipcover

Eleven(known as 11-11-11 elsewhere) - Region B - with slipcover

The Secret(known as The Tall Man elsewhere) - Region Free - with slipcover

Wuthering Heights - Region B

Argo - Region Free - Ultimate Edition Digipak blu-ray/DVD combo

Ruby Sparks - Region Free - with slipcover

Annie Hall - Region Free - Blu-ray/DVD combo digibook

Enter The Void - Region B - Contains two versions of the film

Bachelorette - Region B

Insensibles/Painless - Region B

The Expatriate(Known as Erased elsewhere) - Region Free

Lucky Number Slevin(just known as Slevin in France) - Region B

The Killing Room - Region B

Holy Motors - Region 2 - Digipak 2 disc edition

Some more that I got today:

Silent Hill: Revelation - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook blu-ray/DVD combo edition

Predator - Region Free(France) - Blu-ray/DVD combo digibook edition

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer & Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer - Region 2(Britain)

The Long Kiss Goodnight - Region B(France) - with slipcover

The Collection - Region A(America) - with slipcover

I wanted to give this film a second chance, I remember not thinking much of it but after six years I wanted to try it again:

Southland Tales - Region B(France)

Killer Joe - Region B(France)

One of the best series on television in a long time and now one of my all time favourite series, a beautifully shot series that will look stunning on blu-ray:

Utopia - Region Free(Britain)

Agnosia - Region 2(Britain)

+ rep for the two Nick Broomfield documentaries, The Long Kiss Goodnight. I've yet to see Killer Joe, but it's something I'd like to see. I still have Bug to watch, too.
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^ I enjoyed them first time around years back, thought they were very good, so looking forwards to seeing the documentaries again. Bug I've seen and thought it was decent but Michael Shannon was fantastic in it, worth seeing for his performance.

Another one that finally came through from America, will be watching this tonight:

Kill For Me - Region 1(America)

Got three DVDs from Germany today, sorry about the flash reflection on the first one, it's the film Cat People. All region 2(Germany) digibook editions.

Cat People
Leaving Las Vegas
Sweet Hereafter

Also got an animation for my collection that I can't wait to see:

Rise of the Guardians - Region Free(Britain) - 3D blu-ray/2D blu-ray/DVD combo edition with slipcover

I bought Silent Hill Revelation the other day myself too. Not as good as the first one. Still watchable though as I'm a fan of the first.

Love Willow though. It broke into my New Top 100 last week at 88th place. Fantastic film, Grandaddy of modern CGI.

for Predator too...

Edit: Cat People... haven't seen that for years and years... liked it from what I can remember.

^ Oo indeed, it's one of my all time favourites, so very happy to finally have it in my collection. I was going to go for the American Val Lewton collection release double bill version(came with Curse of the Cat People) but couldn't resist the digibook edition.

I bought Silent Hill Revelation the other day myself too. Not as good as the first one. Still watchable though as I'm a fan of the first.
Yet to see the second film but the first underrated film is one I enjoyed a lot, so looking forwards to watching the sequel but I'm not going into it expecting much.

Got another blu-ray today:

Detention - Region A and B(America) - I wanted it on blu-ray but for some reason Britain didn't get it on blu-ray so ordered it in from America. It was only $9, so that was a nice price.

Some more buys for the collection:

Robocop - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition, embossed artwork. This is apparently not a new transfer and just the same as the previous blu-ray release, people have been moaning but for me, it doesn't bother me because the last time I saw Robocop was on a rubbish quality VHS tape, so it's bound to be a huge improvement over that... Just couldn't resist the steelbook. This blu-ray also comes with the DVD.

Silence of the Lambs - Region Free(Britain) - Steelbook edition with DVD also.

Edward Scissorhands - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook Extended edition with DVD.

Galaxy Quest - Region B(Britain) - Haven't seen this film in years but remember really liking it, so can't wait to see it again.

Who Can Kill A Child? - Region 2(Britain) - Uncut original edition

Leo - Region 2, 4 & 5(Britain)

The Driver - Region 2(Britain)

And a television box set:

In Treatment - Region 2(Britain) - Series 1 with slipcover

^ I haven't seen In Treatment. Didn't tune in when it was first on but then got interested in it and just been waiting for the box set to come down in price.

I think you're in for a treat, though I know a few people that became really annoyed with one or two of the patients, which is a shame, because I think season 2 is better and they didn't make it that far.

Melissa George was one of the clients that they didn't like. I liked her, but, then again, it was Melissa George.

I think Mia Wasikowska is the best thing about the whole season and that's really saying something.

^ I like the sound of Melissa George's storyline in it and that's the reason I bought it actually, fan of her and want to see what she's like in it.

I'll be watching it soon, currently running through series 1 of Community.