Nausicaa: DVD & Blu-Ray Collection


^ I like the artwork on that edition. No doubt Shout Factory will come out with the others at some point now they have released the first one.
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Wow, the Mad Max seperate steelbook set is awesome! If I was a huge fan of the movies, those would be must owns! I only enjoy the second though...

New additions since last time:

Sunset Boulevard - Region B(Germany) - Gorgeous digibook edition.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead - Region B(Britain) - Comes with a slipcover. Fantastic very low budget zombie film from Australia.

Strange Days - Region B(Germany) - 20th Anniversary Edition with slipcover and alternative artwork under the slipcover.

At The Devil's Door - Region B(Germany)

Stonehearst Asylum - Region B(Germany)

Split Second - Region B(Germany)

Spirited Away - Region B(Germany) - Saw this digipack edition from Germany and loved the artwork, thankfully it comes with English sub-titles unlike a lot of the Studio Ghibli films in this collection from Germany. Now have my top three Studio Ghibli films on blu-ray.

The Lookalike - Region B(Germany)

Lost River - Region Free(America) - Only came out on DVD here in Britain so imported it. Germany are getting a special edition mediabook in a few months time, so depending on the artwork I will sell this and go for the German release, hopefully it's got extras on.

Out of the Dark - Region B(France) - Comes with a slipcover. A decent straight to dvd/blu-ray film. Another one that's only out on DVD here in Britain, so imported it.

Let Us Prey - Region B(Germany)

Late Phases - Region B(Germany) - Steelbook edition and another film not out on blu-ray here. Suppose to be an excellent werewolf film, can't wait to watch it.

Leaving Las Vegas - Region A & B(Germany) - I think this is my first gold coloured amaray box.

In The Name of the Son - Region B(Germany) - The cover has alternative artwork on the other side.

A Most Violent Year - Region B(France) - France has the best artwork and a slipcover so went for this edition, the amaray box under it is black.

Black Moon Rising - Region B(Germany) - With slipcover. Can see where they got one idea in the Fast and Furious 7 film.

Kingsman: The Secret Service - Region B(Britain) - HMV exclusive slipcover and artcards set.

The Interview - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition.

Camp Evil/Cub - Region B(Germany) - With a black amaray case.

Yikes, haven't updated my topic for months. For one time only(as in I can't be bothered with so many photos) I am going to just list all the DVDs and Blu-rays I've added to my collection since July, and maybe one or two photos...

So let's start. Hopefully I've remembered everything I've bought since the last time I posted in here:

Song of the Sea - Region B(Britain) - Comes with a lovely slipcover and art cards set.
The Rose - Region A(America) - Got this in the half price Criterion sale.
Rizzoli & Isles(series 5) - Region 2(Britain)
Orange is the New Black(series 2) - Region 2(Britain) - With slipcover to match the first series.
The Bloodstained Shadow - Region B(Britain)
Horsehead - Region B(Germany) - Comes in a black amaray box.
Cooties - Region Free(Britain)
Terminator: Genisys - Region Free(Britain) - Went for the 3D edition with the black slipcover. For those interested HMV offer a special lenticular slipcover edition also with different artwork on it.
The Final Girls - Region Free(Germany) - Seems to be the only country that offers a slipcover, so was rather happy when it arrived with a slipcover.
Phoenix - Region B(Britain) - Comes with a slipcover and black amaray box.
While We're Young - Region B(Britain) - With slipcover.
On The Road - Region B(Britain) - Been out for a while so was excellent to find HMV still sold it with a slipcover.
Witnesses(series 1) - Region B(Britain) - I think HMV made a mistake with the pricing because for a new release it only cost £8.99 and it was £14.99 everywhere else... I'm not complaining!
Spy - Region Free(America) - With slipcover. It was cheaper from America at the time and the slipcover doesn't have the annoying purple bigger banner on it like the UK edition.
Insurgent - Region B(Britain) - Limited edition digipak with visual guide booklet.
Ant-Man - Region B(Britain) - Got the 3D edition with slipcover.
Fortitude(series 1) - Region B(Britain) - With slipcover.
Inherent Vice - Region B(France) - With slipcover.
Tremors 5:Bloodlines - Region Free(Britain) - It's not available to rent where I rent films and saw it in the sales for £4.99 so thought why not, I think it might have been £4.99 for a reason...
Respire - Region Free(France) - Comes in a gorgeous white amaray box.
Dancer in the Dark - Region B(Germany) - Seems to be the only country that sells this film on blu-ray.
Stretch - Region B(Germany)
Miss Meadows - Region B(Germany)
An Angel At My Table - Region B(Germany) - A beautiful digipak edition.
Tracks - Region B(Germany) - Another beautiful digipak edition.
Mad Max: Fury Road - Region B(France) - 3 disc steelbook edition, finishes of the Mad Max steelbook collection perfectly.
The Big Racket - Region 0(America)
Adam's Apples - Region 1(America)
Barking Dogs Never Bite - Region 1(America)
Magic City(series 1 and 2 collection) - Region 2(Britain)
Criminal Minds(series 10) - Region 2(Britain) - Fully up to date with this series on DVD now.
The Good Wife(series 5) - Region 2(Britain) - With slipcover.
The 100(series 1, and 2) - Region 2(Britain) - Both with slipcovers, got them in the sales after Christmas.
The Reflecting Skin - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition.
Lost Girl(series 3) - Region 2(Britain) - With slipcover and also got this in the Christmas sales.
Taken 3 - Region Free(Britain) - HMV exclusive steelbook edition.
Ex Machina - Region Free(Canada) - Had the best slipcover in my eyes so went for it, Amaray box comes with alternative artwork.
Turbo Kid - Region B(Britain) - With shiny slipcover.
The Water Diviner - Region B(Britain)
The Blacklist(series 2) - Region B(France) - Got it from France because it was about £16 cheaper at the time than the UK edition and had the better slipcover artwork...
Wayward Pines(series 1) - Region Free(France) - Didn't come out on blu-ray here, French edition came with a slipcover and also cheaper than the DVD set here at the time...
Insidious: Chapter 3 - Region Free(France) - Prefer the artwork on the slipcover from France.
The Librarians(series 1) - Region B(Germany) - Someone said I should like this since I'm a fan of Warehouse 13.
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - Region B(Germany) - Steelbook edition, didn't like the artwork on the UK steelbook edition so went with this one.
Marshland - Region B(Spain) - Not out on blu-ray here, blu-ray was cheaper from Spain compared to the DVD prices here and it came in a lovely black amaray case.
The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Region Free(Britain) - Steelbook edition to match the first Avengers steelbook I have.
Dead Rising: Watchtower - Region B(Germany) - Limited edition steelbook.
Eyes Without A Face - Region B(Britain) - 2 disc edition from BFI collection. I'm still keeping my Criterion DVD that I got years ago but couldn't resist the new blu-ray release.
Dark Places - Region B(France) - Comes in a red amaray box.
The Town That Dreaded Sundown(remake) - Region B(Germany) - 4 disc edition steelbook that comes with the original film on blu-ray too.
Chappie - Region B(Britain) - HMV exclusive steelbook edition.
The Wonders - Region 2(Britain) - With yellow DVD box.
The Ring Finger - Region 2(Britain) - Trying to complete my Olga Kurylenko collection, last time I saw this was about seven years ago. Loveeee Olga Kurylenko.
The Girl King - Region Free(America)
Momentum - Region B(Germany) - Olgaaaaaa.
Shrew's Nest - Region B(Spain)
Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter - Region B(Britain) - Comes in a red amaray box and an alternative artwork cover.
Ich Seh Ich Seh/Goodnight Mommy - Region B(Germany) - Comes in a white amaray box. German edition blu-ray comes with English sub-titles.
The Road Within - Region A(America)
Jurassic World - Region B(Britain) - HMV exclusive steelbook edition.
The Orphanage - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition, finally upgraded one of my all time favourite horror films to blu-ray.
American Ultra - Region B(France) - Steelbook edition.
Minions - Region B(Germany) - Steelbook edition.
Big Game - Region A(America) - With shiny slipcover.
Agent Carter(series 1) - Region Free(Britain) - Zavvi exclusive steelbook edition. Can't wait to start this series.
Hitman: Agent 47 - Region Free(Britain) - HMV exclusive steelbook edition, absolutely love the artwork on this.
The Flash(series 1) - Region B(Britain) - With slipcover, was in the Christmas sales so went for this instead of getting the French edition just for the yellow banner.
Slow West - Region B(Britain) - With slipcover.
400 Days - Region B(France) - Steelbook edition.
The Boondock Saints - Region B(Germany) - Mondo exclusive artwork steelbook edition with clear slipcover for the steelbook.
Nightingale - Region A(America)
Partisan - Region A(America) - Says Region A but suppose to be Region Free apparently.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Region B(Britain)
The Train - Region B(Britain)

Finished, I don't think I've left anything out. Phew.

What I have bought since the last post:

Victoria - Region B(Germany) - This was out in Germany on blu-ray a few months before it was out in cinemas here in the UK, I heard it was all hand held style filming so got the blu-ray in case I got motion sickness and I wanted to see it earlier. German blu-ray comes with English subtitles.
The Good Wife(series 6) - Region 2(Britain)
Wonderfalls(complete series) - Region 2(Britain)
Trainwreck - Region B(Britain) - Tilda Swinton was fab in this.
Welcome To Me - Region 2(Britain) - Bargain for a new release, was about £15 online at the time and found it in HMV for £4 with slipcover, no blu-ray release here in the UK for some reason.
Utopia(series 1 & 2) - Region B(Germany - The UK for some silly reason didn't get a blu-ray release of series 2 but did get one for series 1... but thankfully Germany released both series, so decided to get the matching slipcover releases(and the boxes under the slipcovers are black) from Germany(will sell my series 1 UK Blu-ray and series 2 dvd). So happy to have both series on blu-ray.
True Love Ways - Region B(Germany)
Easy Rider - Region B(Britain) - Wonderful Criterion decided a few months back to start releasing the Criterion Collection in the UK, so this was my first UK Criterion buy.
Sicario - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition. Love the artwork.
Spring - Region B(Germany) - UK didn't get a blu-ray release so went for the steelbook edition from Germany. Again some rather nice artwork.
Spotlight - Region Free(America)
Powers(series 1) - Region A & B(Germany)

Sleepy Hollow(series 2) - Region Free(Britain)
How To Get Away With Murder(series 1) - Region 2(France) - Just called Murder apparently in France...

Orange Is The New Black(series 3) - Region 2(Britain)
The Maze Runner 2: Scorch Trials - Region B(France) - This edition is out of print now, I pre ordered it and for some reason it went out of print more or less on the day of release.
Mort d'un Pourri/Death of a Corrupt Man - Region Free(France)

No Escape - Region B(Britain)
Modern Family(series 6) - Region 2(Britain)
American Horror Story: Freak Show - Region Free(Britain) - Looking forwards to this series a lot.
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Region A(America)
Longmire(series 1) - Region 2(France) - I love Katee Sackhoff.
Lost Girl(series 4) - Region 2(Britain)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt(series 1) - Region 2(Britain)
The Lobster - Region B(Britain) - A fabulous slipcover with different artwork underneath it.
Knight of Cups - Region B(Germany)
Kill Your Friends - Region B(Britain)

Hannibal(series 3) - Region B(Germany) - Germany had the best slipcover in my eyes and that's the only reason I went for the German edition.
Forbidden Games - Region B(Britain)

The Keeping Room - Region B(Germany) - Red box. Oooo.
Night Fare - Region B(France) - Black box. Oooo.
Intruders - Region B(France) - Didn't get a UK blu-ray release... but still France did and with a slipcover, yay.
Combat Girls - Region 1(America) - Can't seem to find a UK release for this.
Borgen(series 1, 2 & 3) - Region B(Britain)
Emelie - Region 2(Britain)
Bloodline(series 1) - Region 2(Britain)
Black Mass - Region B(France) - Prefer this artwork, it's the same as the UK, but I wanted a slipcover and the UK release didn't come with one. The titles and character square images are embossed, really nice slipcover.
Elementary(series 2) - Region 2(Britain)
Macbeth - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition.


It's nice to see the wonderful Borgen there. I enjoyed that series so much.

I've just started watching Powers. Two eps in so far. It's OK.

I only managed a few episodes of How To Get Away With Murder. I didn't see anything special about it whatsoever.

Just finished season 4 of Elementary. Another that I enjoy and I thought it ended really well this season. Much better than the last.
5-time MoFo Award winner.

I only managed a few episodes of How To Get Away With Murder. I didn't see anything special about it whatsoever.
Oooo I'm enjoying it so far, only two episodes in though but think I will like the rest of the series.

I've just started watching Powers. Two eps in so far. It's OK.
Feel the same, think I'm also two episodes into it so far but more interested in getting through other television series so put it back on the shelf. Will get back to it.

Okay no photos with the following for this run as I can't be arsed a second time after doing something and my computer froze, not starting all over again.

Jordskott(series 1) - Blu-ray edition from Germany with slipcover, don't think it was released here on blu-ray.
Zero Motivation - DVD(America)
The Summer of Sangaile - DVD(America)
Deadpool - Blu-ray steelbook edition - French edition as it sold out in the UK. Exactly the same steelbook I believe.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - HMV UK exclusive blu-ray steelbook edition.
Krampus - Blu-ray steelbook edition from Germany.
The Boy - Blu-ray mediabook edition from Germany, it's a gorgeous edition in a textured red.
Captain America: Civil War - Blu-ray steelbook edition, got all three Captain America films in steelbook form now, look very nice together.
Midnight Special - Blu-ray(UK) with slipcover.
High Rise - Blu-ray(UK) with slipcover and artcards with a black amaray box.
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies - Blu-ray(UK) with slipcover and red amaray box.

I think that's everything since the last time, next time will have photos, promise.

Ms Nausicaa

I am very impressed about your collection

since you take pride on your fabulous little gems
allow me to give you points from my own experience

do not lend not even one movie
protect and hide your collection from thieves and guests

trust me, some titles will be unavailable when time pases by and no matter of your efforts, certain lost titles will be the most missed!

I will get back to photos at one point but will be another list for now(I know I said it would be a one off) . What I got over the last few months:

Donnie Darko - A wonderful blu-ray edition finally released in the UK, comes in a gorgeous slipcover with Frank the rabbit on the front, always wanted a cover with Frank only
Lucifer(series 1) - DVD(UK) with slipcover
iZombie(series 1) - DVD(UK) with slipcover, apparently you can't put a red bloody brain on shelves here in the UK as the underneath DVD cover has the red blood and the slipcover bloody brain is all in grey...
Rick and Morty(series 1) - Blu-ray(Germany)
American Psycho - Blu-ray(UK) - Comes in a black box, 15th Anniversary Edition.
The Nice Guys - Blu-ray(UK)
Ash vs Evil Dead(series 1) - Blu-ray(USA) - it's says Region A on the box but it turned out to be Region Free. Didn't get a blu-ray release here.
Interiors - Blu-ray(UK) - One of my favourite Woody Allen films so was happy to see it got a blu-ray release here.
Bad Moms - Blu-ray(UK) - with slipcover
The Boss - Blu-ray(UK) - with slipcover
Yoga Hosers - Blu-ray(USA) - with slipcover
A Bigger Splash - Blu-ray(UK) - with slipcover
Demain - Blu-ray(France) - Comes in a really thin cardboard packaging, fantastic documentary.
The 100(series 3) - DVD(UK) - with slipcover
The Tunnel: Sabotage(series 2) - DVD(UK)
The Team(series 1) - DVD(UK)
The Stickup - DVD(UK) - Had to buy this off a trader because it seems to be out of print everywhere.
In Order of Disappearance - DVD(UK)
One More Time - DVD(USA)
Lost Girl(series 5/final series) - DVD(UK) - with slipcover
Mr. Robot(series 1) - Blu-ray(UK)
What We Become - Blu-ray(Germany) - Comes with a slipcover
Mr. Right - Blu-ray(Germany)
The Killers(1964) - Blu-ray(UK)
Bates Motel(series 3) - Blu-ray(UK) - Unfortunately no slipcover like the other two series I have but it was only £8, thought that was a bargain.
February - Blu-ray(France)
Cafť Society - Blu-ray(France) - Comes in a black box and really nice art deco style artwork
Divergent 3/Allegiant - Blu-ray(France) - Like the other two of this series in my collection it comes in a gorgeous edition, this one is in a digipak/foldout packaging
Lullaby - Blu-ray(Australia) - Australia is the only place that seems to have this on blu-ray. I think it's called Lullaby Pi in some other countries.
Green Room - Blu-ray(France) - Director's Cut edition with slipcover
Blood Father - Blu-ray(Germany) - Comes in a black box
Camino - DVD(UK)
The Big Gay Sketch Show(series 1, and series 2) - DVD(USA) - Unrated editions, got these because I adore Kate Mckinnon.
Heartless(series 1) - DVD(UK)
Agent Carter(series 2) - Blu-ray(UK) - Steelbook edition
The Secret Life of Pets - Blu-ray(UK) - 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray edition with a lenticular slipcover
Ghostbusters - Blu-ray(UK) - Steelbook edition, it's a fantastic design on the artwork. This is the new Ghostbusters film from last year.
Suicide Squad - Blu-ray(UK) - HMV Exclusive steelbook edition with the extended edition of the film
The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Case - Blu-ray(UK) - HMV Exclusive steelbook edition
Jessica Jones(series 1) - Blu-ray(UK) - Steelbook edition
The Neon Demon - Blu-ray(Germany) - A beautiful media book edition and comes with the score music CD.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow(series 1) - Blu-ray(UK) - with slipcover
Preacher(series 1) - Blu-ray(France) - with slipcover. At the time this was the cheaper to buy in France over the UK edition. Prefer the French slipcover artwork too.
The Blacklist(series 3) - Blu-ray(UK) - with slipcover
American Horror Story: Hotel - Blu-ray(UK) - with slipcover
Ashes and Diamonds - Blu-ray(UK)
Men and Chicken - Blu-ray(UK)
The Bloodstained Butterfly - Blu-ray(UK)

^ That's it from what I can remember and don't think I have repeated myself from other posts. The ones in red font are the ones I found cheap in the sales(Christmas, Black Friday and so on).

Utter bollocks. Okay, so the rest of this topic has buggered up because all the photos vanished because of photobucket problems and I can not be arsed to take them all again, sigh...

So sorry for the messy topic at the moment, slowly sorting out all the kidnapped photos and tidying it up.

So from what I can remember over the last few months, new additions to the collection are:

Kong: Skull Island - Region B(UK) - I went for the steelbook edition from HMV, got this today.
Don't Breathe - Region Free(UK) - This edition came with a slipcover.
Morgan - Region B(UK) - Another that came with a slipcover.
Traitors - Region 1(USA) - Got this from America because I don't think it's out anywhere else.
Our Little Sister - Region B(UK)
Flight of the Conchords - Region 2(UK) - Series 1 and 2 box set.
The Olive Tree - Region B(UK) - The amaray box is clear instead of the usual blue.
Hunt For The Wilder People - Region B(UK)
Orphan Black - Region B(UK) - Series 2
Napoleon Dynamite - Region Free(USA) - This is the 10 Years Sweet edition digipak, the slipcover has fur like texture on parts of it.
Antibirth - Region A(USA)
Before I Wake - Region B(Germany) - Mediabook edition.
Don't Knock Twice - Region B(Germany) - Comes in a gorgeous shiny slipcover and black amaray box.
I Am Not A Serial Killer - Region B(Germany) - Mediabook edition.
The Purge: Election Year - Region B(UK) - Steelbook edition
Arrival - Region B(UK) - Steelbook edition.
Train To Busan - Region B(UK) - With slipcover. There was another edition I would have liked but it had no English subtitles unfortunately.
The Void - Region B(UK) - With slipcover.
Security - Region 2(UK) - With slipcover on DVD, don't think it's out on blu-ray here.
The Shop On The High Street - Region Free(UK) - At the time I bought this it was £21+ on Amazon and I found it in HMV for half the price, bargain.
It's Only the End of the World - Region B(UK) - With slipcover.
Performance - Region B(UK) - HMV exclusive blu-ray edition with slipcover and art cards.
The Hunger - Region B(UK) - Same as above.
Battlestar Galactica - Region B(UK) - The complete series in one box set, so it comes with Battlestar Galactica: Mini Series, Series 1, 2, 3, 4/4.5, and Razor. I thought this box set was a bargain as all the separate series on DVD came to about £60+ and this box set was £21 on blu-ray. I think the only thing missing is The Plan.

Just gone through every single post in this topic and highlighted in pink and put in bold the dvds/blu-rays that I no longer have in my collection.

I'm trying to make my collection somewhat smaller and only have dvds/blu-rays that I really like on the shelves. What are highlighted are either dvds I replaced with blu-rays(for example The Sweet Hereafter), watched and thought were rubbish(most of the straight to dvd horror films...) or made myself be brutal and remove anything I enjoyed somewhat but couldn't see myself sitting through again(for example Stoned).

I'm still sorting through my shelves so there will no doubt be more going but for now I've got rid of the highlighted - most are in boxes waiting to be sorted - some will be sold and others will be going to charity.

Oh, one I added to the collection three days ago that I will never get rid of because it was amazing:

Isle of Dogs - Region B(Britain) - With a fantastic slipcover and artcards.

There are some other new ones I've had for ages that I haven't added in here so I will do that as soon as I remember what I bought since the last time I posted in here...

Think I found all the latest editions to my collection that I got after my last list of additions in here, will add some photos(not mine) now and then:

Black Panther - Region Free(Britain) - Steelbook edition
Atomic Blonde - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition

Peaky Blinders - Region B(Britain) - Steelbook edition of series 1. Found it in the sales for about £6, bargain!
Thor: Ragnarok - Region Free(Britain) - Steelbook edition
Lady Bird - Region A(USA) - with slipcover
Temple Grandin - Region 1(USA)
The Eagle Huntress - Region B(Britain)
IT(2017) - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover
John Wick: Chapter 2 - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover
Dunkirk - Region B(Britain) - Filmbook edition

Fortitude - Region B(Britain) - Series 2, with slipcover
Me Too - Region 1(USA)
Moka - Region 1(USA)
The Fool - Region 1(USA)
Silenced - Region 1(USA)

The Red Turtle - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover
Tin Star - Region B(Britain) - Series 1
Little Sister - Region A(USA)

Let Me Make You A Martyr - Region B(Germany) - In black box
Get The Girl - Region B(Germany)
Marie's Story - Region 1(USA)
The Innocents - Region 1(USA)

68 Kill - Region B(Germany)
Bluestone 42 - Region 2(Britain) - Separate boxes of series 1, 2 and 3
Thelma - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover
Ash vs The Evil Dead - Region B(Britain) - Series 2, with slipcover
Wynonna Earp - Region 2(Netherlands) - Series 1, in a digipack edition. I got it on DVD as the USA release blu-ray had a lot of complaints about the quality.
Ingrid Goes West - Region 2(Britain)
Despicable Me 3 - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover
Mean Dreams - Region B(Germany) - in black box

Dark Matter - Region B(Germany) - Series 1, in a digipack edition
Preacher - Region Free(Britain) - Series 2, with slipcover
The Walking Dead - Region B(Britain) - Series 2
American Gods - Region B(Britain) - Series 1, with slipcover
Banshee - Region 2(Britain) - Separate series 3 and 4, with slipcovers
The 100 - Region 2(Britain) - Series 4, with slipcover
Taboo - Region B(Britain) - Series 1, with slipcover
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Region B(Britain) - Limited edition slipcover, you had a choice of two and I went with the darkside First Order slipcover.

Soooo, I've had it with steelbooks. Bought my last one a few weeks ago when The Avengers: Infinity War was released, basically sick of worrying about steelbooks rusting after finding about 20ish of mine have rust on or are starting to rust...

Putting them in to polybags is bad for steelbooks so that's out of the question, and keeping them in storage/cupboards doesn't help as I want to see my steelbooks and I've had some steelbooks in cupboards for years and some of them have rust on. So have no idea how you stop it from happening apart from no longer buying them!

Sticking to slipcovers, mediabooks and so on now. I don't think it's worth the stress of worrying about how you handle a blu-ray box just in case there are scratches on it for anything on your hands to go in or it gets a scratch(even scratches that are hard to see) for the air to get in to start rusting it, what's the point...

So far, it's been my older steelbooks, so hopefully they have got better with the paint jobs on the metal now...


I've moved all my steelbooks that are starting to rust away from all the other steelbooks and they have their own shelf now for the films I like and don't want to get rid of. And any steelbooks that are really bad for rust, well they have gone in the bin and the discs have gone into a folder.

Other steelbooks that have no signs of rust and it's not a film I adore - I'm going to sell now just in case they rust in the future and then can't sell.

I've got about 200 steelbooks, so 20ish with rust on is not too bad. But yeah, not buying steelbooks for the collection anymore. They shouldn't be rusting like this and found quite a lot of people who have come across rust.

I recommend any one who collects steelbooks to have a good close look at them if you haven't for a while, especially around the edges and the corners as that's where most of the rust starts to appear. Especially in high humidity areas of the world.

Update: Added brown/bold to steelbooks that were too far gone in the rust department and have been dumped. Also culled some more dvds and blu-rays from the collection, highlighted as usual in pink/bold.

Some new additions to the collection:

Mandy - Region B(Britain) - HMV exclusive blu-ray, apparently only out on blu-ray in the UK from this shop. Comes with a slipcover.

The First Purge - Region B(Britain) - with slipcover.

Ash vs The Evil Dead - Region B(Britain) - Series 3, managed to find one slipcover edition as every other shop was out of the slipcover.

Incident In A Ghostland - Region B(Britain) - Comes in a clear box case.

Peaky Blinders - Region B(Britain) - Series 1 to 4 box set. I've got series 1 in steelbook form but this box set was about £15 cheaper than buying series 2, 3 and 4 on blu-ray separately.

Spiral/Engrenages - Region 2(Britain) - Series 6.

South Park - Region 2(Britain) - Series 1 to 5 box set. Saved £38 buying this box set instead of the five series separately.