Cirque Du Soleil

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3 things about the movie
1. The original Across The Universe was better.
2. December 21 was not the end of the world, just the end of James Cameron's career.
3. Apparently 500+ micrograms were needed to enjoy this and I didn't even drop a quarter of that.

One thing not about the movie, the trailer before hand ruined the whole damn thing. Who in there right mind put that movie killing trailer right before the feature. You sir or ma'am are an imbecile.

While the movie seems catered to little kids and adults with enough expendable LSD to enjoy playing with nothing but a lighter for three weeks. (Classic Beatles acid tunes abound in this flick.) Sure you could enjoy it if you're tryppin face. But if you only have a little bit, go see Life of Pi, again.

I'm watching Knocked Up at the moment!