Angry Birds-it's about time


Here's the news.

I just want to say that I am glad by this news. Not since the epic battle between man and alien depicted in Battleship (I think it was aliens, I haven't seen that film), has their been such a fierce rivalry of that between those Angry Birds and those rascally pigs. It's rare to find such deep characterizations and clear motivations in a video game character, but the plight of the Angry Birds is one for the ages and I find the idea of their big screen translation irresistible.

But, lets not forget those pigs. Its tough to remember a villain so nuanced as the pigs. It's almost tempting to root for them whilst pummeling their houses with those Angry Birds. It's such a bittersweet victory hearing their fat little bodies popping and I cannot imagine a more perfect game to translate to film.

Am I the only person who is thrilled by the prospect of this film?

Other than my 8-year-old, anyway.