Guy on a Motorbike Knocks Beer off Platform with Wheel????


OK - what movie is this?? I saw it in the mid - late 80's. It's a guy meets girl movie but the guy is really unusual, left of centre type - doesn't fit in.

In one scene they go dancing and he is the most unusual dancer in the club, flings himself everywhere - really funny...

The most memorable scene though is when he's on his motorbike on the top of a hill overlooking a city (LA?) at night drinking a beer - can't remember whether it's a can or a bottle. He finishes it, places is on the edge of the lookout platform (that has no railing), then rides back to get a run up. He careens down the platform then skids sideways just in time to knock the beer off the edge of the platform with his rear wheel - beer disappears into the darkness.

Don't remember who the actors were or what the title was - would LOVE to see it again..... any ideas?

Sit Ubu Sit.... Good Dog
I have 2 guesses both of which I have never watched but somewhat fit your description, but like I said I have not seen them so I don't know about the motorcycle scene.

Mischief (1985)

Cool as Ice (1991)

Like I said these are just guesses, if one of these is not it can you be more specific about the bike such as was it a Crotch Rocket, Harley, Dirt Bike etc...