Hi guys , I'm new ... I'm Soph from Brazil can you help me with a movie?


Hi the movie I'm looking for ... I believe it's American..

Well I don't remember much of the plot. But there are two naughty boys, spending holidays with their families in the Caribbean. One of them is a native and the other one is a blonde guy...

In one scene both kids are hiding under the bed ... And then his older brother comes in , and starts making out with her blonde gf on the bed ....

Later on the movie I think , that they get lost in the jungle when a tropical storm comes by. So their families go out to search them.

Hmm and I believe that the father of the blonde girl is rich because in the end they go together in an helicopter.

Any names or suggestions?

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The plot sounds way off and missing pieces but some of it sounds like Poltergiest 2, very little but it's worth a try
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

Lool thanks ... but not ... I think this is a kids-adventure movie...