You asked for it...


I went in to work today to check on some emails since I haven't been there in quite awhile. I came across some info from 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers that I know alot of folks on here are wanting.

Thanks to overwhelming fan demand, like this forum, and the terrific success of The X-Files on DVD...Fox has given the green light for The Simpsons to be released on DVD in late 2001!!!! So, it's official folks...congrats. Also, the original M*A*S*H series will be on DVD by the end of the year. Both series will be released in complete season format like X-Files.

Warner Brothers has also given their indication that Friends, South Park, and Seinfeld will all be released in complete season format, like X-Files, by late 2001 and early 2002.

I just wanted everyone to know that your input in this forum is being heard and studios are eager to listen.
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Sorry that I didn't notice this post before Sounds great! Not a big X-Files fan anymore (becoming too hard to follow)...but I'll definintely be buying virtually *EVERY* Simpsons DVD that's released.