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I'm really kind of upset about this. I couldn't find the Back to the Future Trilogy on DVD so I looked on to see if they had it. They told me that it wasn't going to be made and the studio even stopped making it on VHS.

Does anyone have any idea why they wouldn't make it? That's my favorite trilogy of all time (Indiana Jones a close second) and I'd love to have it on DVD.

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I gotta wonder if you've gotten accurate information (not meant as a knock on you!) - I can't imagine them NOT putting the Triology on'd sell tons of copies! I know I'd buy one.

The explanation for the nationwide pull of Back to the Future is kind of lengthy but it boils down to this.

Universal had planned on releasing the trilogy to DVD in 1997 as one of the studio's first releases. They decided to get some of the archived footage of Eric Stoltz for the DVD bonus footage. Stoltz was signed to play 'Marty', but he was fired half-way through production because he looked too old and Michael J. Fox was brought on board. Anyway, Stoltz refused to sign over the rights to his scenes that were shot. Three years later and the battle continues. The DVD Trilogy is done and ready, but they couldn't release it until Stoltz agreed. So, long story short, the videos were pulled so that the SUMMER 2001 DVD release of the trilogy will be a bigger seller. The video trilogy will follow about two months later.
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In case anyone is wondering, yes, he probably did look far too old:,+Eric

It would be *very* freaky to see scenes with him instead of Michael J. Fox...he's a very different looking person...Fox still looks like he's 18.

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Michael J. Fox is a better comedic actor than Stoltz, too, if you ask me.

I don't know that Stoltz would've looked too old to play Marty McFly, though. He didn't look too old playing a teenager in "Some Kind of Wonderful" a couple of years later.

But I'm glad they went with Michael J. Fox.