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Breathless vs Rules of The Game


Breathless or Rules of The Game
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Rules of the Game
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Two widely renowned classics, I recently bought both blu ray criterions and I wanna know which one did you prefer MoFos
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

I love and adore them both- my two favorite French films of all time. My vote goes to Breathless though, which on second viewing became my favorite Godard.
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I rented "Breathless" but after nothing happens, I had to turn it off.. Maybe I'll watch it today.. I didn't like "Rules of the Game" and quickly turned that off. I gave "The Grand Illusion" a chance because of Orson Welles and Pauline Kael's. It wasn't bad, but with the subtitles blended in with the whiteness in the screen and made it hard for me to read.

I prefer "le jour se le ve" or "Last Tango In Paris" if you consider that a French film (Italian director)

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Both were amazing films, but breathless, for me, was far and away the better of the two.
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Rules of the Game
Look, I'm not judging you - after all, I'm posting here myself, but maybe, just maybe, if you spent less time here and more time watching films, maybe, and I stress, maybe your taste would be of some value. Just a thought, ya know.

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They're completely different movies that I think are incomparable. I also find it funny that Tyler1 said he disliked both because The Rules of the Game is on his top 100 on Mubi