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April 16th???!!! I can't take the pressure!!!
Tense situations, kid. You get into five or six of 'em a day, it don't mean ***** anymore.

P.S. too bad I already have Repo Man. Or perhaps it's too good since I'm sure that version's going to cost a pretty penny.

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All good people are asleep and dreaming
I think I'll have a beer and a plate o' shrimp and try to calm down. If that doesn't work, maybe some yellow cling sliced peaches and a 7 Up.

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Question mofos, from the March criterions which ones are you expecting to buy if any? I'm very intrigued by the Chaplin one and The Blob personally.
Possibly these two. Really depends on their Hulu Plus status.

Flash sale on criterion! Get it while its hot

I bought this:

Have no idea what to expect, but I'm excited

It's a shame it can't be used on pre-ordered films, would have gone for Badlands that's out next month.
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I just cannot wait until they release Eraserhead on dvd/blu-ray. I will literally poop muhself.

I'll be watching Things to Come on Hulu plus, looks pretty cool. Safety last looks really fun, I might pick a copy up come July sale. But ya good releases. But come on CC, release Eraserhead!

Anyone got the Criterion Eating Raoul disc yet?

Good transfer? Stupid question I guess.

My UK edition is ropey but watchable. Would love an upgrade.

Last Year at Mariebad is out of print, and here I was planning to buy this during the July sale
If you really want it and don't want to risk waiting until July, it's still avaliable on Amazon. It's only $24. That's about £15 here in Britain, and for Criterion, that's a fine and dandy price.

I just cannot wait until they release Eraserhead on dvd/blu-ray. I will literally poop muhself.
Any idea why they haven't yet? It seems strange they would add something to the Collection without offering a physical media format. I just wanna see what they do for the cover.
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Exterminate all rational thought.
Oh glorious day! Spine #666 is The Devil's Backbone! I simply cannot wait, this movie finally gets a decent transfer! Love Del Toro and cannot wait for this. Looking more forward to this than Pacific Rim!