For Greater Glory

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Directed by Dean Wright

Written by Michael Love

Genre: Drama/History/War

Plot Outline: An impassioned group of men and women each make the decision to risk it all for family, faith and the very future of their country, as the film's adventure unfolds against the long-hidden, true story of the 1920s Cristero War *the daring people's revolt that rocked 20th Century North America.

Itís the tale of the Cristeros War (1926-1929); a war by the people of Mexico against the Mexican government who cracked down in brutal ways against the Catholic Church and against religious freedom in general.

Starring: Andy Garcia, Peter O'Toole, Eva Longoria, Bruce Greenwood, and Nestor Carbonell

With Oscar-nominated editor Richard Francis-Bruce (THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, SEVEN, HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERERĻS STONE) and Oscar-winning composer James Horner (AVATAR, TITANIC, BRAVEHEART).

Rated R for disturbing violence

Runtime: 143 minutes


An under the radar film about a subject I knew nothing about that absolutely floored me. Itís a high quality film with flat out superb performances that makes you contemplate and appreciate faith and freedom like few films have ever managed to convey. Yes, it is a faith based film. If that offends some, then this isnít the movie or the subject for you. Unlike other faith based efforts, this effort is not cheesy or ham-fisted or even preachy.

Andy Garcia is Oscar level good here as General Gorostieta, a man with limited faith who responds and masterfully leads the fight for freedom. Itís intense and, at times, surprisingly violent and impactful. This movie delivers real emotion and doesnít dodge tough questions about faith. It delivers an exceptional balance of showing why people behave and choose to engage in certain behaviors even when such behavior is contrary to the core of their belief system. One thing is certain; no one who has faith will take it or their religious freedom for granted after watching and EXPERIENCING this film. Thatís how it registered with me at any rate.

I Love Movies! That's all
10 out of 10?
hmmm, maybe i'll have to check this movie out then
I've never heard ofit before but your review got me curious
Movies are awesome and Nuggets are delicious

That's a high rating for a movie that's 17% on RT. It is 85% with users though. But it's a personal favorite, hell I have brothers in my top ten. May I ask though how often do you give a perfect rating?
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it