70s/80s Agent Movie - Secret agent by brain manipulation?



am desperately seeking a movie from the late 70s probably early 80s but unfortunately I do not really remember much of it. I googled for months after it reappeared to my memory but I give in finding it on my own. I count on you movie lovers

The movie I am looking for is about a man who is somehow forced to go on a secret mission to rescue some important person (I guess ...). To be able to accomplish this mission, he gets the skills of a secret agent implemented into his brain. But the change to his mind does only last for some hours before he loses his memorized skills and all information for his mission. He gets a digital wristwatch counting down the time - and I remember that the watch had these old analog digital display with red digit numbers on a black glass background. That is all about the story I remember - Not much -

But I remember very clear the end of the movie where he just gets out of trouble before the time is over (of course ). And I remember him standing outside of a helicopter on the skids and watching the digits counting down and I think the person he rescued wanted to thank him but then the time is up showing "00:00" in red digits on this watch and he does not remember a thing on what he just did.

I would love to watch this movie again but I can not remember any more facts like actor or director. I can just narrow it down to the 70s probably early 80s as it had this digital wristwatch and a helicopter and the cars looked not too old.

It would be awesome if one of you could remember this movie as well. I am desperately hoping for that


The Ultimate Impostor (1979)

IMDb Page | Synopsis | Trailer
“Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”


This looks and sounds very promising. I am almost sure, I remember him riding that race car But it will be hard to get it on a modern medium to watch it :-) Fortunately I have still my VCR.

I will try hard to get a copy somehow/somewhere to watch and confirm. I have the additional challenge to get it as a german copy. But I am overwhelmed how quick you found the movie.

OuOuOuOu !!! This is so cool !!! Thanks a million!!!


I received my VHS cassette today. I will watch it during the weekend and give final feedback!!!

But I already thank you - Viju - that you seem to have such an awful big overview on movies and found my long missed movie !!!



Five Stars!!! Yes, it was absolutely the movie I was searching for years!!!
The movie was only shown ONCE on german television in May 1983. So there was no chance for me to see/find it again.

Thanks once more for the support in this forum. I am happy