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Name these horrors...


I'm looking for a couple of horror movies I watched a while ago and barely remember. Does the following ring a bell with anyone?

1. A film where 3 people (I think - possibly a woman and 2 men) are imprisoned in a cellar of some sort, strapped to tables. Then one guy is boiled alive on the table, which is like a big flat top grill. Afterwards, I think two of the people escape.

2. A film with a woman backpacking or hiking in some remote location who is pestered by a couple of locals in some kind of cafe or bar or something. Some guy sticks up for her, and the cafe/bar guy intervenes before things get violent. Then later, I think it becomes a sort of Deliverance-type film with the woman and guy being hunted out in the wilds by the locals. This may have been a British film.

Any ideas?

Is the second one: The Hills Have Eyes?

The one one sounds medieval.
All secrets are safe with this man, because none are as deadly to him as his own. His secret is that he is Richard Kimble. (The Fugitive - Conspiracy of Silence)