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Top 5 horrors that weren't scary


5. When a stranger calls (2006)- huge fan of the original I was crushed with how bad this one was.
4. Drag Me to Hell- I liked how it was made and it gave a few jumps but it just became silly at the end with the dancing demon
3. The Omen- how is this a classic, it was such a bore
2. The Excorsist (1973)- one of the most popular horrors, and it was a good movie but not scary at all. I mean I was laughin at the whole "**** me, **** me **** me" part.
1. Fear dot com- worse horror ever, just awful

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5: Jeepers Creepers 2.
4: Amityville Horror.
3: Creep.
2: The Descent.
1: Terrorvision. It's that bad, you have to see it to believe it.
Is the Amityville Horror that you named the original or remake? Because the remake is the only film to have ever properly scared me.
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Yes, I was on about the original Amityville. I thought it was spooky at best but defo not a scary film.
The Descent is the one with a group of girls who go pot-holing and find those underground 'humans'.

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The Descent is a FANTASTIC, old school style THRILLER. Just a great film with a ton of great allegory woven in. I don't consider any film to be scary, just tense, and this one delivers.
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Yup The Descent is top notch, as are The Omen, and The Exorcist.

TerrorVision is a screwball horror comedy and has no place on the list either. One look at the back of the box should be enough to tell you it ain't gonna be the next Rosemary's Baby...I still love it though.

The Descent. Is that the one with those horrible actresses with way over the top Australian accents?
No, you are thinking of a different film. None of the actresses are even Australian apart from one, the woman that plays Juno, got some Australian in here apparently.

1. Scream quadrilogy- Few cheap scares and enjoyable to watch but not "Scary"
2. I Know What You Did Last Summer- more of a funny teen slasher
3. Cherry Falls- Good storyline not done well.
4. House of 1000 corpses- bloody and gory but not "Scary"
5. Ginger snaps- werewolf movie that was a bit wierd but had no thrills
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