Darkly humorous movie about adultery & murder


I saw the trailer many years ago. I think it had english actors. The plot seemed to be that an older couple rented a room to a young man, and the wife got the hots for him. She was a chunky woman, I think, and in the film trailer there was a funny part where she is in his room sitting on the side of the bed and she awkwardly compliments his pajamas.

I think this film was from the late eighties. The only other thing I recall from the trailer is a song about a house, went something like "this house is gonna start rocking". It was an upbeat song and it played against a bunch of fast cuts showing scenes from the movie involving murder and mayhem.
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The trailer is not on youtube, but the beginning is and over the title credits is that old Rosemary Clooney song about a house.

It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
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I've seen the movie, but to you the truth, I forgot the song. I finally figured it out, but will had already posted it. For those who don't know, Rosemary Clooney was George Clooney's aunt, she was married to Best Actor Oscar winner Jose Ferrer (who was George's uncle) and one of their children was Miguel Ferrer (George's cousin), the voice of many movie trailers, the "Sultan of Sentiment" from "Twin Peaks" and currently playing a jerk on "NCIS: Los Angeles". Rosemary Clooney did appear with George on his show "ER".