The Rodent's DVD Collection.


Mimi Chichi or something, yeah she was a bit annoying. She had nothing to do either, her role was just, sort of, there.

I found Sienna Guilleroy as Gill Valentine was proper wooden in Retribution though.

She was ok in Apocalypse, I kinda liked her in the role, but the fifth film she just stank something awful.
She's obviously an actress that needs a good director behind her to force her to act every scene over and over till she gets it right... Anderson obviously didn't do that.

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Managed to get the full set of Romero's Dead films (Night, Dawn, Day, Land, Diary and Survival)...

... and Blade Runner Final Cut...

... £16 for the lot.

I need to reorganise the shelf now though, they won't fit

I got each one singularly.
I don't think they do a Boxset... the original film Night Of The Living Dead is like rocking horse sh*t at the moment in shops and is becoming harder to get anyway as there is no actual studio that owns the rights to the film... I think there's about 10 different packaged versions that are available but each one is becoming rarer and rarer to get.

... and the store near mine has access to the whole lot of them, so I grabbed what they had in the shop while I could and ordered the two that weren't in stock to my house through the in-store computer, delivery is next week

You'll have to wait till next week for the pic when they arrive.

I'm going to hold off watching any of them until Dawn Of The Dead and Survival Of The Dead arrive, so I can watch all 6 in a row.

Watching Blade Runner right now though

Certainly will be... loving having the whole set now.

I've checked online for the original film with what I said about how many versions there are. There are actually a couple hundred versions in DVD format.
Some are in colour as well but I prefer the original black and white.

At least they got the order right, I was half expecting them to send the Dawn remake. The guy in the shop didn't seem to know what he was on about so I was quite concerned he'd get the order wrong.

All is good though.

Want to watch them all now but I have pool later and don't have time

Tomorrow though, I'll be having a marathon (yay!)

Yeah, I understand the situation about Night of the Living Dead. In the states, I've always found it in various different editions. Some look really cheap, some look awesome. I've yet to get a Blu-ray of it. It's also free to watch on the internet -- legally.

I've never owned it on DVD. I used to have it on VHS. I really like the movie. Once for Halloween I dressed up as the zombie in the cemetary at the beginning of the film -- I should find the picture.

I've never seen Night in color, but I want to.

I still prefer Return of the Living Dead out of all of the zombie movies out there, though. Night of the Living Dead is good, but the sequels -- even Dawn -- good for what they are, but I don't have any strong feelings for them really. Last one I saw was Land of the Dead, which I liked.


Maybe. I've been experimenting with the video recorder and video maker on my laptop.

It may be a while before I get a video review together.

Oh, alright. Don't make them. I wouldn't. But it would be awesome.

^ Nice series bargins you got there, enjoy your Dead marathon!

I've nearly completed the trilogy of the Dead on Blu-ray(I have Land of the Dead on director's cut DVD from Hong Kong but don't like it enough to upgrade, and didn't like Diary and Survival so will not be buying those) - only need to get Day of the Dead but keep hearing the British releases are not the correct ratios and so on, there has been a collector's edition released in America that is suppose to be good but currently waiting for the price to come down.

My favourite is my Night of the Living Dead Blu-ray, it's from Germany and comes in a digibook edition, black with neon green font, it's gorgeous.
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Saw that Day of the Dead Blu-ray here in America last Halloween or the Halloween before last in a store (Target). Almost bought it, but don't care much for it.

Yeah baby!!

All 10 TOS and TNG films in a box and both newbies too... plus the boxset has a pile of features to go through

3 guesses what I'll be doing this weekend...

I can't believe you repped me... those Star Trek movies must have put you in a really good mood. YAY for Star Trek movies.

Man Of Steel added to the collection.

Got the DVD Comic double pack.
Comic serves as a Prequel... cost £10, same price as the regular DVD so thought may as well.

Oh and, on second viewing, I like Man Of Steel even more.
I'm pretty sure there are a couple scenes on the DVD that weren't in the cinematic version... for some reason the first half makes more sense this time round.

^ It shouldn't contain anything new as it's not an extended edition or says it's includes extra footage, so it has to be the same as was shown in the cinemas apparently and can't find any rated for additional scenes information from the BBFC.