The Rodent's DVD Collection.


Good whiskey make jackrabbit slap de bear.
I actually really want to see Black Eagle, with Van Damme as the villian.
"George, this is a little too much for me. Escaped convicts, fugitive sex... I've got a cockfight to focus on."

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

It's an odd film really. For a martial arts flick it's a bit tame. Bad acting, bad writing and not the sort of action you'd expect from a movie with Van Damme.
Worth a watch if you get the chance, as you said... just to see Van Damme play a villain for once.

Ok, two more... or should I say, eight more for the collection.
Lord Of The Rings trilogy boxset extended editions and all 5 Planet Of The Apes boxset.

Excuse the crude pictures... I took them on my phone.
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I look at Shawshank as a chick flick with dudes.
People call it the ultimate revenge movie, but it's the most overrated IMO. It wa just a boring mess that people later called a classic.
True. Then again films have been changing, the demographic also, becoming hyper-affecting with 'reality' collapsing inside of itself. Also Shawshank's banker is quite the heroic common-man peacemaking etc. etc.; Sort of sick of that, most probably are. It also uses and old epic, this is the exhilaration of the audience, must be feeling, culminations of bassy powerhouse musical score, climactic...; OK, been there and done that, grew out and far away from. - Just saw 90's underdog film Rudy, even more so in ways

Still want to read the short story, maybe.

New layout, that old shelving system was getting full and becoming just too tall with all the boxsets on top.
The new Planet Of The Apes boxset I bought today isn't in these pics, I didn't buy it for me... The Expendables is also not in these pics still, I've written that one off after lending it to my brother nearly a year ago.

Decided just to stick the lot together in alphabetical order rather than seperate them all into boxsets and individual slots... you'll probably notice that about 90 of my Top 100 Personal Favourites list appears in my collection.

Whole thing

Top 2 shelves A-P

Bottom 2 shelves P-Z and Numbers

Plus rep for only one of my DVDs?

I had another shufty today... looking at the pictures above made me see I'd put some of them the wrong way round. The Obsessive Compulsive in me had to immediately remedy the situation.

Batman Begins and Dark Knight are the wrong way round... and El Mariachi and Eight Legged Freaks needed swapping around too.

Here's a challenge: If anyone sees any more that are the wrong way round, let me know.

Nice collection you've got there, I really need to start getting DVDs of my favourite films.

The Rocky set should be ahead of Robin Hood and Robocop

Aha! Rocky... sorted mate, thank you!

Weird ain't it, it's easy to see once somebody points it out.

Dagnammit! Resident Evil and Res Evil Apocalypse are the wrong way round as well...

... might get rid of them anyway. Transformers is on the list to get rid of soon as well.

Good whiskey make jackrabbit slap de bear.
Plus rep for only one of my DVDs?
It's just one you usually don't see, and I love that movie, so it's good seeing it there. There are a few others in there that warrant the rep (Highlander, The Lost Boys, the Rocky films, Terminator 1 & 2, Armageddon, Batman, Predator, Die Hard) as well, but Demolition Man stands out, for some reason.

Two more for the collection. A replacement Expendables for the one my brother nicked a year ago and The Thing prequel.

^I hate scratches, nothing worse.

Also two sided disks and 'simple cheaper' logo text display. I'm hoping bluray doesn't go there. Anyone else a little anal?

Just noticed something really small but shouldn't Starship Troopers be ahead of all the Star Wars? I might be wrong but I think that's how alphabetical order works.

Not a fan of double sided discs either... I couldn't get Desperado as a single film at the time so had to settle for the double one

Star Wars

I think though that you just look at the first word and keep going whilst the letters are the same and then when if the word ends it becomes the first listed, like I said I might be completely wrong just a feeling I have when you have a 1 word v 2 word situation

Your like those teenagers who get excited if their name was mentioned on a radio station..Lol!

Been to the DVD shop... only one that I had on my list was Young Guns 2, the rest were bought on impulse...

The rest of my list is yet to be bought...

I know I said Young Guns 2 is a bit poop, but I just fancied having it next to the original on my shelf.

Actually, I'll probably stick Prometheus on in a few minutes.

The Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead are the limited editions too, they were labelled at a lower price than the regular DVD for some reason... grabbed!
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