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Having read the books quite a few times, I'm feeling a strong need to clarify a couple things here...

The Ministry of Magic was an organisation steeped in and permeated by corruption throughout the books and films, during Voldemort's rise to power.

The Ministry made the mistake of creating an appearance of false safety and security, which would ultimately cost Scrimgeour, the Minister in the DH, his life. Fudge, the predecessor, outright denied Voldemort's return, in complete and utter fear. Furthermore, the Ministry put in most of its time and effort rounding up known Death Eaters.

Simply put, the Ministry made a complete fool of themselves, and aided the rise of Voldemort. I don't think it's a matter of how Rowling failed to use the authoritative body she wrote, but rather how she deliberately mapped it out as a comprehensively unethical and weak organisation.

With all that being said, Rodent, I'm very glad I inspired you to give them a try. I encourage you to read the books (if you're a book-person, that is ) to get a far better perspective on all the things you've see in the films.
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An explosion a day keeps the Michaels at Bay.
I was doing a review of the entire series a few months back and got through 2 seasons and then quit
I do that a lot tbh... start something and quit halfway.

An explosion a day keeps the Michaels at Bay.
I never do that
I tend to watch a new DVD within 3 minutes of getting it home