Expendables 2


So the sequel to the expendables is going to be PG-13, the problem that i have with that is that, its because of Chuck Norris, personally I do not understand why he was given the ability to completely change the landscape of the movie, but in any case i am hoping the film does well

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Wrong area.

But to go with this, I don't think he has enough star power to command such a thing, despite him saying so. It's more like the Live Free or Die Hard thing, meaning MONEY.
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Actors should just do as their told - they know what they are going into when they read the script(if something major is changed during the filming process and it's not what they signed up for then fair enough).

I have no problems with actors putting forwards ideas to the director or whoever, but to think they have the final say when they are only paid for the acting is ridiculous. Don't like the script, don't do the film. I think Stallone should have just told him where to go. Chuck Norris isn't going to be missed with the others they have in the cast, well not to me anyway.