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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
The BBC's modern day version of Sherlock Holmes is just about the best thing on television, so it deserves its own thread.

For those who haven't seen it, here's a trailer:

For those who have, any theories on the events of the finale? Remember your spoiler tags if you do...

Series 2 just finished here on Sunday and it was an amazing finish to one of the best series out there right now. Second series is even better than the first.

Season 2 was definitely a lot more consistent than the first, shame only 3 episodes a go though. I worked out the Baskerville's twist early on but the last episode had me literally questioning the world. I've read up on a lot of theories but it doesn't seem like there's nearly enough to more than speculate on the answer.

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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
I've read quite a few theories, but none of them seem to fully explain everything. I half suspect a sort of cop-out resolution, though.

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Got to agree with Thursday, Sherlock is probably the best thing on TV right now. A truly fantastic series. And I agree with most saying the second season was better than the first. While I felt Hound of the Baskervilles was a bit weak I loved Scandal in Belgravia and Reichenbach Fall.

As for theories not too sure myself. Came up with some theories myself but not sure. The most intriguing one I've read is

EDIT - How the hell do you get spoilers to work properly? It just keeps disappearing.

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uh-oh, I shouldn't have wandered in here.... lol

I'm watching the Baskervilles episode tonight. I'm just now watching the second season on public television.

I LOVE this show -- Benedict is incredible. He's so weird yet I've found myself strangely attracted to him.

Don't watch it on American screens, they have apparently cut out scenes from the first episode of the third series... If you want to see Sherlock, see it outside of America or UK shown episodes online.

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OMG!! Now that I saw the third episode last night, I know what you're talking about! I was really tired -- had taken a sleep aid, too -- but I refused to stop watching! I was recording it in case I fell asleep, but wow, it was so exciting and interesting, I stayed up. Then, lol, I couldn't get to sleep.


First thing this morning, I looked up some theories, too. Jaydee, if you want to post your theory, just use the spoiler tags at the top. Make sure your text appears within the tags....

what great TV! And to think, ABC is going to have a modern Sherlock with Lucy Liu as a Watson of sorts. Remind me to miss it.

I love this show; I'm sad there are only 3 episodes to enjoy per season. Are they doing a third season?

Oh, and Moriarity? He can't be ________, can he?

Now I can catch up with Game of Thrones on demand.

what great TV! And to think, ABC is going to have a modern Sherlock with Lucy Liu as a Watson of sorts. Remind me to miss it.
Yes, it's amazing what they'll do to get around the 'homosexual' undertomes of Holmes and Watson. Now that one of them will be a woman, they can have a nice romance... Eventually.

I know this isn't the place for it, but Fincher is making a version of House Of Cards. I'm just going to hope it's good, that they don't try to make the 90's version and do my damndest not to compare the two. I know, sounds like mission impossible to me, too. But at least I'm going to give it a go.
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I also read an article about Steven Moffatt and he was laughing at the fans online because they all missed a clue as to how this happened.

I wonder what clue he is talking about?

It figures I love this show and Doctor Who. Moffatt!

WOW! That voice got me sold. I think voices and attitudes can really make a character and that one was perfect for the role. (I know, I'm a freak!) So theres already a second season? How can I get the first one? I love crime shows a lot too.

Moffat gave us a clue about the clue: he said Sherlock had done something very out of character. I assume this is either...

WARNING: "Sherlock, Season 2" spoilers below
a) making a phone call to Watson, rather than texting, or b) crying.

I think...

WARNING: "Sherlock, Season 2" spoilers below
...a) means that he needed to be talking to Watson in real time to make sure he was in the right place for the death-faking to work. Notice he yells at him when he gets too close. And I think b) has something to do with that chemical he mentioned earlier that lowers your pulse and makes you appear dead, but also makes your eyes water...something like that, I think it was.

There are about a half-dozen other things in the episode, too, that give them several ways to potentially explain things away. Most are a little bit of a stretch, but they did have the good sense to stuff a ton of details in there that could aid our credulity.

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Oh yea, (a) I had kinda realized but (b) was totally surprised. Could be that I missed something the week before.

well, I will wait with baited breath to see how it turns out. I also want to watch it again.

Just for the Cumberbatch fans, well, those from overseas as the rest have probably seen this, I thought you might like this.


I'm more interest in Victoria Coren, but hey?

I don't think the British version of Sherlock has anything to worry about going by the clips for the American version called Elementary in this video:

I don't think the British version of Sherlock has anything to worry about...
No ****, Sherlock.

You should've known that when it was announced and, if not then, then surely once they made Watson female.