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IMO if they think they are going to make a better version or find a more perfect place to play Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) then they are completely wrong, plus this movie is only 11 years old. There should be a rule that you at least have to wait 30 years to think about remaking a movie.

Sigh! American Psycho remake coming
Dec 8, 2011

That picture alone sums up just how many feel about Hollywoodís obsession with remakes lately. And Variety is now reporting that Lionsgate has set Noble Jones to pen a new take on American Psycho. The book was already adapted to film in 2000 with Christian Bale in the lead role. Hopefully, the whoever takes over the role of Bret Easton will be able to at least come close to the great performance Bale gave.

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I hear they are going to set it in modern times. What's the point?
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Modern times, it is 11 years old. If that is out of date then I am really really old. I understand the movie takes place in the 80's but still that just dosen't make sense, what would you change to make it modern.

It's an 80s story... one massive point of the whole book. I mean if you are going to film American Psycho again, as much as I liked the first film, at least have the guts to go as close to the book as possible - especially with what you can get away with now compared to when the Bale film came out 11 years ago.

Have no problem with someone who wants to make another adaptation of the book, but to set it two decades later...


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What What What!!!!!!!!!!!

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The whole point of the book was to send up the yuppie culture of the go-go 1980s. What are they going to call this? American Psycho: Money Never Sleeps?

I guess Hollywood is running out of ideas? Maybe we should start remaking the Harry Potter movies.

I say NO.

What are they going to call this? American Psycho: Money Never Sleeps?
Is that the version where Patrick slaughters those Occupy Wall Street protesters and becomes a Republican hero? Or should that be, an even bigger Republican hero.

If it's an empty soul you want, look no further than this guy.

And you know he'll do anything for money. Not only that, but he already has the blood of countless people on his hands, so he'll have no problem with 'the method'.

Humm, don't know if he was pissing about, but Brett Easton Ellis said he is not happy with the remake, unless they cast either of the following:

Someone called Scott Disick, or

Miles Fisher.

Here is Miles Fisher in action doing a homage to the film in a music video:

^ Geez, he looks like Christian Bale's twin in parts.

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Ime a fan of American Psycho but this is a bad idea!!. As people are already stating this movie isn't even that old yet, has hollywood ran out of idea's now.

They're going to butcher the second one (no pun intended). But they can't ever destroy how great the first one was.

This is one of my favorite movies. When I found out about this abomination a few days ago, I immediately came here to start a thread and rant about it. I was obviously beaten to the punch. Sigh... And I thought the "Fright Night" remake was sacrilege. I had no idea just how terrible things would become.

As I read before, why can't someone make a film from a book that hasn't been done yet? Or better yet, how about an attempt at an original idea? Why attempt to improve upon what was already done very well? Sure, the movie was out of sequence, and parts were missing, but it was pretty faithful to the book, I think. Sigh. I could go on and on.