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If you have not seen the movie GTFO!! I'm serious!

Fight Club is a film about a generation, a weak and aimless, represented by man with no name and no personality, working for nameless company and lived in nameless city - it could be anybody. First half hour illustrates the lack of excitement in our lives, lack of feeling and warmth (support groups, scenes simply brilliant in this respect).

Many of the claims against the film is his message (supposedly) is stupid - appearances, his message is anarchy.
But the film does not offer the anarchy as a solution. He actually shows how the situation degenerate us from the inside, leads us to believe stupid ideas, ordinary people become terrorists and murderers - all out of desperation and pathetic attempt to find meaning in life. This is where the twist - no one outside has not led to the generation, in this situation. In fact this is his fantasy. He himself wanted these things, and the moral which (representing the character itself) is nothing compared to the vengeful representing Tyler.

A film about the dangerous situation where we are ... The fact that people identify with Tyler, and see it as the "good", is proof of the correctness of the film. Tyler is a kind of Hitler - a charismatic, compelling, offering a solution to the problems of the people, but his solution is violent and barbaric, and beyond that even stupid.
And yet he swept a whole generation after him, a huge group of people and, with the audience. That's why the first half hour show, Tyler is displayed in a sympathetic light - that if he was shown as a terrorist throughout the film, we would not understand how they were with him.
The film attempts, sometimes successful, to sweep you off with the ideology of Tyler, wants to support figure - and only toward the end reveals the Tyler as a terrorist.

And the end, like the rest of the film, is metaphorical. The scene of the shot of course does not make sense, but here's a fact - this figure shot herself against the will of Tyler. This is the first time that Tyler could not control his body, the hero manages to resist Tyler, take him away, beat him. This is a victory of normality - the internal struggle, managed to win the sane voice sound vindictive, so Tyler was gone - the main character managed to overcome it. May come back, but we know that the hero the power to beat the Tyler, and thus ends the story, actually.

The thing that amuses me is how many people supposedly masculine realize what a kitschy movie is fight club. If you strip it of the violence, the editing, the cool,the brad pitt - it's just a story about a lonely man looking for a real emotion in his life. He finds it in support groups, there are real and not fake emotion, but when it denied him, he turns to thrills of another kind - of violence and terror.
Ultimately, as with Hollywood, he finds the necessary emotion to love - in Marla . He actually invented the Tyler to create a emotion of his life - but now when he found Marla, he does not need more Tyler, so he can beat him. all you need is love ... And this is the most basic layer in this amaizing film.

so yea , Fight Club does not offer a solution. I do not think David Fincher or Chuck Palahniuk has a solution, I do not know if anyone has a solution. on the other hand, what was the proper solution to it? American Beauty-style solution - smoke dope, Masturbate on 18-year old girl, extortion your boss and you'll fry hamburgers and then your life will be good? This is ridiculous. Fight Club does not offer a solution. He than offers a kind of warning.

Can I ask where you are from, Mr. Pink?

About Fight Club, meh. I'm so over that film.

Ah, in that case you're a competent english as a second language writer. I was worried that you from an english speaking background, though it wouldn't have surprised me. I've seen worse grammer in US schools.

Also, it's interesting seeing a film like Fight Club through the eyes of a non-US citizen. I don't think the film is exclusive to a US audience, it certainly speaks to a younger crowd on a global scale, but I feel the film sort of works because of it's generic US city feel.

Ah, in that case you're a competent english as a second language writer. I was worried that you from an english speaking background, though it wouldn't have surprised me. I've seen worse grammer in US schools.
Your grammar may be excellent, but you might wanna brush up on your spelling.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
I prefer Se7en and possibly even The Social Network, but Fight Club is indeed great.
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Fight Club is a decent enough film. It's fun, but it's not on the level of Se7en or Zodiac, IMO. I've yet to watch The Social Network, so whether that's better or not I couldn't say.

Your grammar may be excellent, but you might wanna brush up on your spelling.
Aw, phooey. Blame the terrible education system! And my stupid, little brain.

And, for the record, I suck at spelling, big time.

Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
I thought it was entertaining and thought-, or maybe emotion-provoking. I see alot of similarities between that movie and Wanted. It's a cool little niche, IMO. Cube farm wimp finds inner badass, done up with style. Fun to watch.
Under-the-radar Movie Awesomeness.

Watched the movie last night, my thoughts on it from Movie Tab II.

Fight Club (1999)

Yes, this was my first time watching the movie. While entertaining enough, Fight Club's moments of genius came from its comedic scenes (Meat Loaf with bitch t*ts) rather than those displaying its confused ideologies. If the film condemns corporations and consumerism, it is odd that Fight Club itself became a franchise. Maybe that's just a part of the convoluted irony, but it is for this reason that Fight Club falls short of greatness for me. To call this Fincher's best movie is a large overstatement; it is instead the work of a filmmaker still a bit puzzled by his own genius, which he wouldn't master until the more recent Zodiac and The Social Network.

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Thanks for your thoughts mr pink I am a fan of fight club and I loved Israel
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Hey Mrpink, About Fight Club is one of my favorite movies, I like it very much. However, I think the most attractive movie so far for me is the Titanic, although it is a little old..

Finished here. It's been fun.
Am I the only person here who doesn't really care for this film? It's not bad, I think it's amazing visually but I can't say i care for it.

this movie is really deep. it really motivates you do something bigger..

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