So I searched Grave Encounters on the search bar and 0 results popped up so I thought I'd share my thoughts and wanted to hear your opinions as well.

I thought the acting was pretty believable, except for Sasha who's crying was extremely fake throughout the movie. They had a good idea to use the "found footage" idea, however, I felt they lost that real feel touch throughout the film. The begining was believable and drew me in as the audience, but when they got to actually seeing the ghosts in full view, thats where you remembered this is just a movie. I think if they wouldn't have make the ghost faces computer generated it would have been scarier. Also, the part where there was giant hands coming through the walls and cealing seemed cheesy and very unrealistic.

Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield did a much better job in the found footage category. Grave Encounters had a great idea as a paranormal investigation team having a lockdown over night in a haunted insane asylum where they did brain surgury... but they didn't execute it as well as I had hoped. It still made me feel creeped out when I turned off the lights to go to sleep though!!

So if anyone else who saw it would like to shair their thoughts, I'm curious to know what everyone else thought of it!
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