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While there’s been all sorts of rumors on another Tron film after the steady success of Tron: Legacy, there hasn’t been any confirmation from Disney proving otherwise about a Tron 3. Legacy‘s director Joseph Kosinski is heading back into sci-fi with Horizons soon, and Disney is focused on the new animated series called Tron: Uprising for Disney XD next summer, but original star Bruce Boxleitner told DeskofBrian in a recent interview that a Tron 3 is a “done deal” for 2013.
This is the first anyone has heard of a date and a “done deal”, but it’s not like Disney would nix the original star out.

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This is news to me. Is there a site that has confirmed this or is this still speculation at this point?

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Tron 3 could begin filming in 2014, “maybe”
Mar 9, 2012

It was thought Tron 3 wasn’t going to happen after the rather disappointing performance of Tron Legacy at the box-office. Well, the threequel was announced last year, but it looks like we could be waiting two more years before filming begins on the third instalment. At least that’s what Bruce Boxleetner told I Am Rouge. Director Joseph Kosinski is shooting another movie at the moment, and will keep him occupied for a while. But he could be shifting gears to Tron 3 “somewhere around 2014, maybe.”