Name of two movies that have a rape (?) in them.


Hi. I'm looking for the name of these two movies that I saw as a kid, that had at least one rape (?) scene each of them. One in the beginning and one at the end. Keep in mind, neither one was actually really a rape scene, which is what made them so interesting. Both were from the mid to late 80's I believe.

First one: At the begining of the movie, a man and a women are going to have sex. The man ties her to the bed, I guess to spice it up, might be married, but instead of having sex with her, he leaves and some much older dude appears at the door and comes in to rape her. She really freaks out at this and maybe he gets on top and starts having sex, maybe he doesnt', can't remember. He doesn't actually rape her though as a director yells cut and it turns out they were making a movie and are on a set. I think it was some type of thriller type movie.

Second one: At the very end of the movie, a man and women are on the floor having rough sex. The women, unbeknownst to the man has dialed the police and procedes to get the man to pretend that he is violently raping her as the police listen in and respond. The man just thinks their role playing it. The police come and arrest him, possible pulling him right off of her. The movie ended pretty quickly after that. I think the movei was some kind of scam artist, slash getting revenge type of thing going on in it.

Any help on these would be great. Thanks.

The second one is the wonderful The Last Seduction (1994).

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Wow, that's it, thanks. I'm shocked that it was with Linda Fiorentino and that I watched it in 1994 or later, but I guess so. Well one down, one to go. Thanks again.