Point Break Vs Speed


Point Break Vs Speed
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Point Break
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Which is better?
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Oh I like them both for different reasons! Went with speed because I like how it's a whole movie based around a single simple concept.
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Point Break gets the edge for having more personality.

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Speed is a fine example on how to make a great action movie. The bomb on a bus concept is only half of it. It also needs a likeable hero, which it acheives in Keanu Reeves as Jack Traven. Reeves would never be better, being a physical fit for the character and also humourous in some parts. He also delivers every cheesy line of dialogue in a wonderfully macho fashion, a strong improvement over his performance as Johnny Utah. Everything else is perfect in this movie, from Dennis Hopper's epic psycho performance and the excellent stunts, but I rate Point Break higher.

The main problem with Speed, and Point Break in some ways, is that they're dragged to the fullest extent. At least Point Break's ending was worth watching, but after Hopper loses his head (literally), Speed goes off the tracks (literally). When Keanu says to Sandy Bullock "He lost his head", the movie is over for me.

Point Break is high-octane fun. Keanu is the only weak link for me, but he isn't as bad as others who consider themselves "action heroes", like Jason bloody Statham. Patrick Swayze is way charismatic, the surfing and skydiving scenes are exhilarating and Bodhi and Utah are the ultimate cinema bro's. Also gets points for referencing Roadhouse.

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I have to go with Point Break. It might be nostalgia speaking but I always loved that movie. It’s the movie that made me want to learn how to surf and I can’t think of a better way to go out then the way Swayze does at the end by riding a 50 foot wave. The surfing and skydiving scenes are amazing and shot really well and there are some decent philosophical ideas hiding behind the macho brah posturing.
Plus it has John C “Dr. Cox” McGinley AND Gary Busey!
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Point Break for all the reasons listed and because it has perhaps the greatest foot chase in cinema history.

Plus Lori Petty is super hot, IMO.

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Point Break has better characters to enjoy, but Speed is the more enjoyable film all together.
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Point Break without question.

I love Speed, but Point Break has more interesting characters, really spectacular scenes, the right amount of humor and, between Lori Petty and Patrick Swayze, way more sex appeal (in spite of the presence of Gary Busey). I mean, what did Speed have? Dennis Hopper? Not sexy. Jeff Daniels? Definitely not sexy. Sandra Bullock? Pretty, yes. Sexy, no. And forget about Keanu in either movie. He's nice to look at, but as soon as he opens his mouth it's all over.

Haven't seen Point Break in years, gonna have to rewatch to give a definitive answer. From what I remember, it's got to like that Speed, but I do like Speed though.