Killer Bees?



does any one know the name of this film? 2 people visit a paradise island and the woman is some form of Doctor, somewhere else on the island some form of bee or insect escapes and starts infecting people with a deadly disease, as the infection spreads the hospitals close and the place becomes mayhem, she ends up getting bitten and tries to hide it until the symptoms become unbearable, there is a cure and some one finds it, as the place gets worse everyone tries to get onto boats to flee the island,

does any one recognise this? can any one give me a movie name?

3) "Killer Bees!" (2002)

Plot Summary:

"A town is attacked by deadly killer bees after a truck accident causes their release. The town sheriff must mobilize everyone to safety, but no one will believe him except a woman who is an expert in beekeeping. Will the townspeople change their mind before it's too late?"