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80's Gnomes from mouse hole want kids soul, Cat protector


Yet again, I was born in '82 and my memory is a pretty bad, so this could be very early 90's.

Small humanoid creatures (gnome like) would come out of the wall (I think the "mouse holes" they came from would just appear) to suck the souls out of sleeping children. I remember one of them had a wavy bladed dagger. Cats would protect the children from the creatures. I think I remember one of the creatures getting knocked into a fan rather gruesomely.

Cat's Eye perhaps?

The little trollish creature came from the wall and stole the breath from the little girl. Her cat was the protector. He gets killed by being thrown into a fan.

G'lord, you guys are good. Thank you so much!

EDIT: I would just like to ad this; When I was a teenager my mom was talking about things that had creeped her kids out (I was the youngest), and I told her about the creature from this movie with the wavy bladed dagger. Later on, while I was in my room, a tiny wavy bladed dagger came sliding under my door. It was expertly made from aluminum foil, I mean great detail, including some red marker along the edge to look like blood.