Cant remember the movie name Desperate!!!!


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its a romantic+ comedy movie.. i dnt remembr the actor name too anyway the plot goes like this

A girl n a boy are neighbours.. girl is studious boy is cool.. anyway the girl hates boy very much
in one of their college trip they go to museum.. some ancient force(statue)... their soul exchanges... boy becomes girl and girl becomes boy...<.....forgot...>lastly they regain their bodies by doing the exact thing by which their soul transferred....and realize they have fallen in love with each other.!!
it was such a good movie... but damn me i forgot the name n most of the part....


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Never seen it myself but after a quick Google search it sounds a lot like "It's a Boy Girl Thing."'s_a_Boy_Girl_Thing

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I think you're talking about It's a Boy Girl Thing, 2006