Jackass 3

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Yeah, I actually rented this a few days ago. I couldn't bear to watch all of it; there was some admitted fast-forwarding at times. Still, I knew there'd be two or three bits that would "get" me, and I wasn't wrong. It helps that I could skip the ones that were just flat-out gross, since I wasn't seeing it in the theater.

If nothing else, I probably enjoyed writing this review more than any other review I've written since Inglorious Basterds.

Jackass 3

The Jackass men are pioneers of pain; boldly going where no man has seen any reason to go before. They ask the questions the rest of us are too smart to ask. Questions like "what would happen if I launched myself 100 feet over a lake while my friends shot paintballs at me?" The answer is: pretty much exactly what you'd expect. ...READ MORE

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What, the not watching all of it, the watching it at all, or actually giving it a slightly higher than average rating?

In all seriousness, if you took a scissor to all three films and only kept the better stuff, people would be surprised at how relatively middle-brow most of it would be. I dunno why the pure gross-out stuff is necessary, but in-between it are some pretty funny setups.

One bit I forgot to mention involved them getting their hands on a friggin' jet and walking into the airstream behind it. They recreated that Dolby (was it Dolby?) commercial with the guy in the chair being blown away, walked into it holding an umbrella, and had someone try to catch a football thrown into it.

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I missed this at the cinema (perhaps for the best considering there are some things I don't want to see in 3D!) and just recently saw it. Loved it!!!

I know I should feel ashamed to like Jackass but I just always have. I think it's just that the style of it makes it feel like you're just hanging about with a bunch of guys having fun. The camaraderie between the gang just puts a smile on my face. And I've now grown up with these guys, from the series through 3 films now

As always it's a great mix between the funny and the gross out. Highlights for me would have to be the midget scene, the high five, the electric avenue, the jet engine and the super glue

Am I proud to admit my love for Jackass? You know what yes, yes I am.

Ok I have not seen jackass 3 how is it like? Is it better than the previous jackass's

i enjoyed it. i found it pretty funny. They can keep on making more and more...if they want.