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I had an email sent to me from someone who has read the posts here, but hasn't joined yet. When I replied to the email I got an error message, so Jason in Maryland...I hope you come back here for your answers.

Your first question was regarding picture distortion with about 95& of your DVDs. Based on your description, it sounds like your running your DVD player through your VCR. Top of the line Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba players have a problem with playing DVDs through VCRs because of the Macrovision protection that is encoded on most DVDs. Try disconnecting the VCR and run the DVD player through the S-Video outlet on your TV. This should eliminate the distortion. In order to have both equipments hooked up, you can buy an S-Video splitter to connect both the VCR and DVD players without running either system through the other. Through this splitter, you should experience a better sound field from the VCR now as well.

Your second question was in regards to a chronic problem with Halloween H2O not coming through in DTS. This disc was advertised on the reverse of the box has having DTS sound and a commentary. Unfortunately, neither feature was encoded on the disc. You should still be able to get the 5.1 surround field though.

Your last question was wondering what exactly 'anamorphic' or 'enhanced' DVD means. Anamorphic and enhanced are one in the same. When a disc is anamorphic it means that on an enhanced TV (a TV that is rectangle in shape with 16:9 dimensions) it will still be letterboxed, but you will be unable to see the black bars. The picture is formated to fit the rectangle screen. If you have a standard square TV (with 4:3 dimensions) the picture will be letterboxed with the black bars. Anamorphic was designed to preserve the exact dimensions of a theater screen when shown on a enhanced TV and maintain the look of the film that was originally intended. LOL...Got all that?

If you or anybody else has any more tech questions, let me know.
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My low-end DVD player also had trouble when hooked through the VCR. Works fine hooked up straight to the TV through the S-Video connection, of course.

Yeah...I'm finding more and more players every day that can't handle running through an analog system.