Man Goes Back to College to be a Doctor


I absolutely can't think of the title and it's on the tip of my tongue. This guy (Bill Murray I think... but no luck when I looked) goes back to college to be a doctor, he meets a girl and does absolutely terrible with her. This guy sitting on a park bench comments on it and says something along the lines of "I thought I was the only one who could get rejected that harsh".

Next thing I remember is maybe he fails the course. All I know is he plays as a clown in hospitals and emphasizes on how laughter is the best cure. There is one patient in the hospital, some old guy that is really mad at everyone, and the main character goes in every day to try to breakthrough and eventually does.

Towards the ending, he opens a new hospital with the girl that he originally messed up with. They steal supplies from a hospital to keep up the business. Someone sues them in court or something and the main character wins the court case.

I think it was released in 1999 and I think the title is two parts seperated by colon (xxx xxxx: xxxx xxxx xxx) Something makes me think "Ed" is in there but I don't know.

It's absolutely killing me to remember everything but the title

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