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Tree of Life (Malick)


There's a trailer now:

comes out on May 27 2011

not going to speculate on how i'll like it before i see it but i enjoyed the nod to leni riefenstahl in the preview.

A system of cells interlinked
Malick rocks, so i will probably see this.
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There is a thread here.

But yes, I am very anxious for this one. The trailer looks great.
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That looks incredible. Heidegger avatar is more appropriate than ever now. Yes, Malick can do no wrong. Also...

Originally Posted by wtfomgawesome
The website has since reported that the prehistoric scenes are being filmed for a separate, IMAX-specific project "depicting the birth and death of the universe." That film is being described as "not narratively connected" to The Tree of Life; rather they are "thematically complementary pieces."
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