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So, there was movie I remember watching sometime in the 90's. The plot from what I can remember was that a man was accidentally killed, and God puts him in the body of a tich guy that was about to die. The thing is that god is trying how to solve the problem but at the same time the wife of the rich guy is trying to kill the rich guy but since God is basically telling the guy who is occupying the rich man's body what is going on the guy avoids being killed. It is more of a comedy, an example of one of the supposed times the rich man's wife tries to kill her husband is when there is something in the bed... The wife throughout this movie doesn't know that another man's mind is occupying the body of her husband. Can anyone help me figure out the title to this movie...

Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)
Heaven Can Wait (1978)
Down to Earth (2001)

...are all possibilities.
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Sounds like Heaven Can Wait (1978).

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It is one of those. They are all different versions of the same story. The second version, Heaven Can Wait is the best known. If it was in color and the dead guy was white, that's it.

Yeah, that's definitely Warren Beatty & Buck Henry's Heaven Can Wait (1978) and not the other versions of that story. The gag with the bed is unique to that one.

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See how fast people here can answer a movie title question when it is not some obscurity and plot is clearly and accurately described?

Thanks that helped..found the movie....