James Cameron Won't Direct 'Cleopatra'


Last month James Cameron was in talks and negotiations to direct 'Cleopatra' which will most likely star Angelina Jolie.

He has announced that he walked away from the deal and will not be directing it.

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What a relief. Seriously. I was literally losing sleep about this. Actually, I'm kidding.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

James Cameron should direct something. i'm sick of him waiting 5-10 years to make a new film. And his last one is overrated drab. Sure Avatar has great 3D effects , but the story is cliche and unoriginal. And now a sequel is on the way. Where was The Cameron with the great pissy attitude , awesome beard and Original Stories ?

We have already discussed the originality of Terminator around here before.
It has a similar plot to an Outer Limits episode & Cyborg 2087.

Abyss was a bit similar to Crichton's Sphere..

well never the less , it was original to mainstream fans and thus Cameron`s career took off. I think fans are a lot smarter now. Cameron should be making more films instead of taking multi year gaps. if he loves the business so much , he should be making films every 2 years and be competing with Spielberg , Nolan and others.

That was 5 years ago & in the same year he did War of the Worlds... but after that he did crap like Indiana Jones.

As much as I like Munich, it's very average. He has done far better in the past.

Indy 4 wasn`t THAT BAD! Still I think we should look at the directors of tommorow. Most Notably Christopher Nolan. Cameron , Spielberg & Ridley Scott are starting to lose their focus (I`ll take Spielberg off and replace him with Tarentino). I feel a new surge of directors needs to enter the system. But its hard to find the next generation when there are a lot of directors in Hollywood who are doing remakes and ****** sequels. Still i think Spielberg still has momentum to continue making great films , but Cameron has lost his way and needs to either get back on the wagon or RETIRE!

I don't think Cameron has lost his way, he is still making the kind of movies he has done in the past.
You opinion is only so coz you personally didn't enjoy Avatar... But I don't think it has anything to do with Cameron losing his fimmakers touch.. maybe the different planet & plot didn't sit too well with you..

I personally don't care for Avatar as a film, it won't even be in my favourite movie list.. but if I get a chance to go see it again, I would.. It was a very entertaining film.

So I disagree that Avatar is overrated, people don't say that "it's the best film ever made" or rate it 5/5. It might be overhyped, but overrated is a whole different thing.

i admit the 3D and CGI rules , but the plot is unoriginal. No way it deserved the 2 Billion At the Box Office. It just encourages Cameron for longer breaks.

Unoriginal plot?.. again?
I have already mentioned before Cameron is not exactly known for the originality of his plots..
I disagree that CGI & 3D were the only thing that was entertaining.. there were loads of actions scenes.. made it quite entertaining.

Far more entertaining than - War of the Worlds & Indiana Jones 4 combined (x25)...

Better than Avatar? I don't think so.

Indiana Jones was full of S#17!!! It even had the whiny kid Shia to ruin it further.
It doesn't respect the spirit of the original films & the plot was the weakest ever in an adventure films..
Chamberlain's Quatermain movies far superior.

Not only was the last Indiana Jones an insult to the Original Indy movies, it even ruined the character giving us original fans a bad memory of it.

War of the worlds was a silly film, I really don't get what Spielberg was trying to prove with that.
After making a timeless classic like Close Encounters, I have no idea what kind of alien film Spielberg was hinting at.. he even said it would be a trilogy, which I am glad never happened.

Atleast Avatar might have borrowed elements from various works.. But War of the Worlds & Indy 4 were the worst compared to it's original works.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
I actually came in to say that who the heck wants to see a Cleopatra film? There has never been a good one made yet. No, not even Shakespeare or Shaw. Well... actually, the Astérix cartoons are really good.

What's with all the Spielberg bashing? I don't really care because I'm not sure if I'm coming back to this "bait-and-switch" thread. gp, you're an original Indiana Jones fan? You watched Raiders in '81 at the theatre in an earlier life?

P.S. I'm not watching Metropolis now because I had to help Brenda put away the groceries. But I am taping it. Yes, you read that, "taping". At least it's being recorded in stereo and my VHS players are fine. I'll try to watch it soon.
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I saw Raiders in 1989.. Since when does one have to watch The original movies at it's time of release to become fans of the originals??

Noone's bashing Spielberg... just saying that he hasn't done any good films like the ones he has done before.
Spielberg is still far superior to Cameron, but my point is that Cameron is still doing the same kind of movies he has done before. I don't think he has chaned like MM is saying he has.

& that Avatar is far better than Indy 4 & War of the Worlds combined.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
That's fine. You typed "us original fans", not "us fans of the originals". I see a distinction, but no big deal. I stilll love you, but now you have to watch out because some MoFos say when I use 'love" I'm being a lying MoFo politician. YOU DECIDE. (Mr. Cool Politician, aka Lyin MoFo!)