What are your thoughts on Monty Python?


MONTY PYTHON!? I love this series of movies....the british humor is kind of hard to get at first but after a little bit its awsome...in the entire series they only had one women on it...the rest of the time if they needed a girl the guys would dress up as women...haha its such a awsome series

What are your thoughts on exaggerated punctuation?

Then you go and change the thread title and make me look like an assh.le
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What are your thoughts on exaggerated punctuation?
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I liked MP for about 6 months, but I didn't like "Holy Grail" or "Meaning Of Life" even then. I still think the Albatross sketch would make me laugh, though, as that was my favourite sketch.

Holy Grail is my favorite of the Monty Python movies. Classic.
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Me like Monty. He is funny guy. Good singer, too.
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Well, my fave shows of all time are "All in the Family", "The Simpsons" and "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson". I've always expressed a fondness for "Sanford and Son" and "Twin Peaks". But if I add "Monty Python's Flying Circus", I would have a mental breakdown trying to come up with a Fave Five.
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i did not like it, although some friends love it, personal choice i suppose

What are your thoughts on exaggerated punctuation?

Then you go and change the thread title and make me look like an assh.le
Someone else changed it not me.

Holy Grail is my favorite of the Monty Python movies. Classic.
Holy Grail is my favorite too... the scene with the Black Knight is hilarious... that and the "I'm not dead!" .... well... and the rabbit... and the...
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While not strictly a MP movie, with the talents of Palin and Cleese only being on display, A fish Called Wanda is hilarious.

I laughed at Fawlty Towers when i was a kid, though mostly i think i laffed when my parents laffed, not exactly sure what i was laughing at.

of the movies, its a tossup between Life of Brian and Holy Grail for me. If i had to pick one, its Life of Brian by a hair.
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I just started babysitting this nine year old boy who LOVES Monty Python, but the humor still escapes me. It's goofy as hell, and certainly interesting, but not all that funny.

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Except John Cleese once, those guys sure did suck when they tried to write and direct their own movies. Micheal Palin and John Cleese were my favorites. John Chapman was not as good as those two, but still funny. Not a fan of Eric Idle and Terry Jones as a performer was completely forgettable. Spam and Minister of Funny Walks best sketches. Holy Grail best movie.

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I like Monty Python allot, but I love the films more
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As of now, I've only seen Holy Grail, but it's a true comedic gem. It's so bizarre and random, but that's what makes it so original and fun.
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I liked Monty Python best on television with the fast moving short skits. If you didn't like one skit, another would be along in a moment. They were good with longer sustained plotlines in movies. Not as good as on TV, but still funny for the most part. Their first film, the Holy Grail, was the best and they seemed to diminish in successive order. I've also like some of history and travel programs a couple of them have done on TV and agree Cleese has been the best of the bunch with his successful comic series Fawlty Towers and various movie roles.

On the other hand, I never could understand a word they said in those skits as unskilled workmen with the hankies tied on their heads. That was totally lost on me