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Black Hawk Down Influence


I think a bunch of directors have been watching Black Hawk Down and have been influenced by it lately. I know Lucas specifically mentioned it somewhere recently (and you can see it evident in the actions of the "good" stormtroopers) And then there are these Delta Force types in Reign of Fire that I've read about called Archangels who seem to verge on suicidal in their missions...

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Once a movie has an idea people run with it. The trailers for Reign Of Fire have the same gritty look and feel as Blawk Hawk Down did. All the fire and dirty people and rubble. But I don't think anything else can really come close to the same experience that I got when watching Black Hawk Down....
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When Reign of Fire starts playing The Space Between in the trailer, I'll lose all faith for studios.

The reason I say that is because during the Black Hawk Down trailer they play The Space Between.
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I don't remember the ROF trailer music. I don't remember cringing at it at least. I would definitely look out for parallels in crashing helicopters and men facing overwhelming odds though. I like that gritty look they're going for too.