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The Asylum is a "studio" that makes mostly bad sci-fi and horror ripoffs of whatever big release is in theater. Direct to DVD crap but also so bad it's fun crap.

Most of their stuff really sucks but I actually liked their Paranormal Activity ripoff Paranormal Entity better than the real thing!

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sowhaaa... yeah.
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I have seen Princess Of Mars starring Antonio Sabata Jr.
I found it very amusing... Hoping they make a sequel to it..

I want to watch their Sherlock Holmes... Screenshots on the official site looked quite cool..

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It is the best scene in the film, IMO. Though I love the submarine attack and the shark attack on the Golden Gate Bridge. However, if you love B-Movie goodness, then watch it because there's plenty there.

mega piranha looks awesome!

The Asylum's Almighty Thor, set to hit DVD shelves just prior to Marvel's Thor, naturally.

Cody Deal as Thor

Richard Greico as Loki

Kevin Nash as Odin

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I had the displeasure of watching 'Dead Men Walking'. Now, my standards for movies are pretty low and it doesn't take a lot to impress me, but Hesus Kristos it was one of the worse films I've seen. Using rope as intestines, actors and directors not completely reading the script prior to shooting (and admitting it on the making-of), actors and extras laughing to themselves because they think they're off screen while the camera is rolling + more. I must admit that '2010 Moby Dick' looks pretty entertaining though.

The Asylum makes Sci-Fi originals look like Oscar nominees, IMO.

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The Asylum is a small time movie company, which makes films described as "mockbusters" since most of them are straight rip offs of Hollywood blockbusters. Examples include Transmorphers and the soon to be released Atlantic Rim.

Do you guys think this is straight up plagiarism or is there some genuine humour in their projects, pushing the movies into parody territory?
I've seen clips from some of the films they've produced and they were hilarious but I'm not sure if any of it was intentional.

Have you guys heard of them and if so, what do you think?

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I think that they are what they are, which is, as said, straight rip-offs of Hollywood blockbusters. They make movies coinciding with relevant movies as they are released in-order to make a quick-buck. For example, when Jack the Giant Slayer was released, they were quick to release Jack The Giant "Killer" in hopes that they could bank off of the idea. There is probably some entertainment-value to them, and honestly, I think it'd be kind-of cool to watch one of those movies right before watching the real thing, that way, no matter how bad it is, you'll feel pleasantly surprised.

One of the things I check when shopping for DVDs is what studio made the film. If it says Asylum on the side, I'm not buying it.
I've only seen three movies of theirs - Freakshow, My Sweet Killer, and Death Racers. Freakshow was just boring dumbness ending with a scene of mindless gore, and I can't remember anything about My Sweet Killer. I only watched Death Racers because a friend of mine brought it over and wanted to watch it with me. I expected it to be somewhat amusing in a stupid way since it had ICP in it, but I lost concentration several times because the movie was so inane.

I thought that "Meet the spartans" was pretty much a straight rip off of 300. I know it was supposed to be a parody, but it leaned a little too heavily on the original material

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I agree, the movies are pretty much rip offs but there is a strange kind of humour to it, especially when some of the actors in them try so hard to be serious when the audience clearly knows it's a load of rubbish. I wonder how GDT will take being ripped off
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I just remembered that one of the studios behind The Monster Hunter was Asylum, and that was actually a good movie. Quentin Tarantino liked it, if that tells you anything.

I started a thread on these films before. I saw an old lady nearly buy the wrong film for her grandson... she was thankful to me for pointing it out.

I've got no problem with them making these films...

... but shops should stock them separately from the genuine articles and Asylum and the other companies that make Mockbusters should label their product clearly so people don't get caught out.