Fright Night Remake


Really? Why? Why must they do this?
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I've heard about this too. I have to be honest and say I'm not that bothered by a remake of this. I like it, but it was never a favourite of mine. I can, of course, completely understand others thinking this is a terrible idea, though. I do think that Colin Farrell is good casting, though.

For anyone who cares, there's supposed to be a sequel to Manos: Hands Of Fate on the way, too.

Get this: They're remaking Pet Cemetery too....leave my horror movies alone!

I was talking to a friend of mine who came up with a horrible idea...a remake of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Could you imagine?

I like it, but it was never a favorite of mine.
It's not a favorite per-say, but I really liked it and I don't want them to remake movies I liked just as they were.

I'm actually thrilled about this remake. It looks like it'll be decent with the actors they've got casted in it. The Fright Night movies are pretty good -- I just watched Fright Night 2 again for the first time in years not too long ago.

Get this: They're remaking Pet Cemetery too....leave my horror movies alone!

I was talking to a friend of mine who came up with a horrible idea...a remake of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Could you imagine?
Horror films are prime for remakes because of the budgets involved and the demographic they traditionally attract.

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The new version of the character is a Vegas stage magician, who gets roped (kind of) into a battle against a vampire (Colin Farrell) by a high school kid, played by Anton Yelchin. This banner seems to be part of the set dressing for the Hard Rock hotel where some scenes for the film are being shot, and it advertises Peter Vincent as a larger than life performer.
First look at Tenant's character

David Tennant? And, I'm out.
Lol, not a fan either this bloke either, to be honest. I've never gotten into The Doctor business, but I can think of worse casting. I would have preferred Russell Brand though. Also don't like Farrell too much but strangely enough, he seems like the perfect candidate to take over the Chris Sarandon role.

All in all, the casting is strong in this one, so I am going to check it out. As long as it retains the original's (which I like a helluva lot) tongue in cheek humour with some good scares then there is no reason why it will fail. Still a couple of decades too early, mind.

You'd prefer Brand over Tennant?!? Picking between those two is like asking me if I want to be shot with a revolver or a pistol.
I think a pistol would be a tiny bit less painful than a revolver, which, in your case, means Brand would be a better Price.

I do really like Brand though. He has a lot of energy and has slicker than your average comedic timing. He bangs Katy Perry, which sorta sucks, but then it could be David Tennant banging her, so things can always be worse.

Seriously though, Brand would be ideal for this sorta role.

I don't think Brand is a bad actor.. but he is in no way made for that role..

I am willing to bear with Tennant, as he was excellent in one of the Harry Potter movie I saw him in. Also saw vidoes on youtube of him playing Hamlet.. he was good.

I hate the idea of the remake... but I give them credit for updating it..
The vegas magician idea is a good one.. It doesn't mess around with the original one.
So I choose to see this as a new film & not a remake of an 80's classic.

Are you sure you have seen the original Fright Night & not mistaking it for some other movie.
Yes...yes I am sure. I think the very fact that I mentioned Chris Sarandon would indicate that. The original was played for laughs for the most part, even in it's "seriousness". Russell Brand has displayed subtle comedy before. I think he'd be great in the film, specially as a magician/illusionist. Besides this is an update, right? Why can't Peter Vincent be even more comedic than before?

I don't think the characters of Sarandon & Mcdowall were played for laughs..

You could be right, the comic angle might work... But I don't think Brand would still be a good choice.. I think Tennant is a better actor..

Brand can play that comic vampire hunter, maybe in a Kevin Smith or Judd Apatow film.

Crispin Glover would have made a brilliant Peter Vincent.

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I loved the original Fright Night and im looking forward to seeing this remake
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