How are your DVDs organized?


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I can dream. I'll just keep buying DVD's that I have no storage for
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I got this weird thing going on at the moment, where I'll look at my collection and see a particular movie that I either have never watched and haven't for years, and I'll add it to a small section of my shelf. So far, there's around 100 films in there, including the likes of No Country For Old Men, Chinatown, Red River, The Shining, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid & Vertigo, weighed up against the likes of Death Warrant, Renegade Justice, 48 Hours, The Wild Geese & Conan The Barbarian. It initially started as some of sort of "qualifying" round for my next top 100, but has evolved into a simple exercise to watch more movies.
For some of those movies that you mentioned, it would be impossible for them to sit in my place for more than 24 hours without me watching them.

Alphabetic, and the chronological. However, with my die hard movie live free or die hard is in the D's

Mine's in alphabetical order too. Although TV Boxsets are seperated from the films.

mine is currently in what I like to call "Organised Chaos"
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Well my TV show collection is completely separate from Movie but here are how my movie are organized.
First I have collection this is mainly organized by similar collections go with each other. Like I have two Hitchcock collections so they're together. I also put single DVDs tht have something in common by the collection it's like. For example I have an 8 film Mel Brooks collection and then I have Spaceballs, so I put Spaceballs by the collection.
Then after collections I have alphabetized single films, that's simple enough.
And finally the very few blu-rays I have are just stacked landscape (all my others are standing portrait style) on top of the box sets on the top shelf.
And my TV shows are in a completely different room just with shows going together lined up by season number, and also I keep the simpsons movie by my DVDs of the Simpsons since I think it fits better there.
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I have mine separated into 3 groups: Blu rays, Dvds and Tv shows and in each of these groups they are arranged alphabetically so people can find a movie easier. My friends and family use my collection kind of like people use a video store. They however dont have to pay to borrow though
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I have 2 DVD towers and a shelf that are set up like Blockbuster. Action and Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama, Standup Comedy, Horror, and animated films.

For the ones i don't watch very often, they are boxed up along with my Christmas movies.

I'm quite particular about my organization. My family thinks I'm nuts but its how I am. I have to have order.

I have 3 DVD towers. One is Disney and kids, TV boxsets and the other for the majority. I have the kids by studio, the box sets alphabetized and the majority by actors and then alphabetized. I have done categories too. Does anyone else save receipts from movie purchases? I stick mine in the cases.

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I have a cabinet I keep all mine in. For the most part they're organized alphabetically by the director's last name and chronological by what year it was made (unless it's a sequel they made such as with Hellboy and Hellboy 2) but in some cases I've organized by actor (Ed Norton, Kevin Spacey, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, and Patrick Swayze are the only cases of these). Also, the collections are organized by what they're a collection of (Friday the 13th, 6 films to keep you awake, Nightmare on Elm St., Universal Monsters Collection, Star Wars). It seems to work out pretty well but can be a bit of a pain to move DVDs down a shelf so I can fit the new one in.

Well my organization changed a bit since my last post

Blu-ray criterions
And then Blu Rays

All the categories are alphabetized

Nothing has changed with mine apart from all my steelbooks are in lovely protective clear covers now so they don't scratch. I don't buy them with future selling in mind but a lot of my steelbooks are out of print and I've seen them go for rather a lot of money compared to what I bought the steelbooks for. So they have protection now for the future and therefore don't lose value because of damage.

I'll never sell them though, so it's for inheritance purposes.
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I used to take my DVD's down and re-organize them at least once every 3-4 months. The only organization that I have for them now is: All bluRay disks go on the rack beside the TV along with all my very favorites, there are now two racks beside the TV. Other than that I just try to keep my series' all together.
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good on you to all who can use the alphabet but that's just not for me, its all genre, directors, actors.

There's more personality in organizing it in a way only you can find a movie. and its more evil mwahahaha

I get told to leave new releases out in a pile for other people to watch because once I put it with the rest nobody can find it. (on occasion my sister can figure out how my mind works and find something.)

As for how long it takes to find something, I pretty much know where everything is. I try to not change the order too much, but when buying new dvds/bds it's necessary.

Link to my collection

good on you to all who can use the alphabet but that's just not for me, its all genre, directors, actors.
While organizing it by directors might work, how do you manage actors and genres?

My top four favorite actors are Joaquin Phoenix, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. So if I organize by actor, where do Gladiator, Body of Lies, The Quick and the Dead and What's Eating Gilbert Grape go?

As for genre, the same problem applies since many movies fall into multiple genres. Take for instance Bubba Ho-Tep, The Evil Dead trilogy and Fido. Do they go with horror, with comedy, or in a section all their own?

It's not like all movies with Johnny Depp for instance can be together, since I've got Tim Burton movies together and then I've got QT/RR movies together and Johnny Depp is in one of their movies.

It's all where I know it is...

I'd love to have all horror together but I cant, but I know where they all are.

Gladiator is with some Ridley Scott films, Body of Lies is close by...

The Quick and the Dead is with Sam Raimi movies for me, and..

Whats Eating Gilbert Grape is next to Blow where I have some salma hayek movies that goes into a lot of Almodovar movies which runs into some tim burton movies which goes into some John Waters (by way of Johnny Depp)

Unless you have multiple copies you can't put all Russell Crowe movies together, I pick one aspect of the movie and go with it, why in each case I don't know... maybe its wherever I have space or who's movie I consider it to be. *shrug*

It all makes sense to me hehe and thats why nobody else can find movies in my collection, they might go Gladiator... *look for another Russell Crowe movie* but I've classed it as a Ridley Scott movie.

1, I don't own Fido, seen it, like it, I'd put it with zombie movies.

as for Bubba Ho-Tep and Evil Dead they are all together because of the Bruce/Raimi-ness of them. I've got Raimi/Bruce movies together with Xena/Hercules/Seeker and then into Superhero movies... makes sense to me.

Not very ordered chaos is my system I guess

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I've only got the space for displaying Blu Rays these days and I had to spend £300 on units just for them.

They're alphabetical at the moment but that'll soon change - I'm awful at keeping things up to date like that. I have, however, started using DVD Profiler again, but just for BDs.
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They are stored in two massive DVD Racks (2x1000 Capacity), and are ordered alphabetically.

Right now, i believe my collection is about 680 titles and even though alphabetically organized, series are a bit of an unsual case.

When you get to a series like Batman, they are orginized by year oldest to newest, so for example

BATMAN 1949 Serials
BATMAN: The Movie
Tim Burton's BATMAN


But when it comes to a series like First Blood, Rambo simply comes fourth; done the same way with the Die Hard series.

So, alphabetically and chronologically.
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I've organized my collection a few times recently, alphabetical, genre, favorites... but they get unorganized because when I watch one or take it out, I just put it on top, not where it was. Then at some point I reorganize them into new groups.

Right now, they're in stacks on a bench next to my tv, and are in categories/piles of: movies I've watched tons of times, movies I've seen a good amount but not that much, newest movies or movies I haven't watch many times, TV Shows and movies that are horrible and not worth me ever watching again, and then there are my VHS tapes. I also have an old CD case of sleeves for TV shows that I have multiple seasons, or the cases are damaged/really big and bulky, and also for burned/bootleg DVDs.