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CQ's Royal Court of Characters (50 Fav Characters)

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Kenny, don't paint your sister.
~The Royal Court of Characters~

This is going to be a list of my Top 50 favorite characters, obviously. Naturally, they'll be a number from my favorite movies, but I hope I can throw a few unexpected ones in there. I decided to include a few television show characters to mix-up the list some. I am also going to put a few characters at the same number or pair them up. You'll understand when you see it. The list is nearly finished, and I'll be posting them like a Top 100 list. (That's why I put in this section. I wasn't sure which, so I hope this is good Yoda).
Faith doesn't make things easy, just possible.

Hooray for more lists. The more the better, in my opinion!

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
Yep, I'm pretty sure this is a list where we enjoy the whole list without ever once wondering "Who'll be #1?"
Thanks, HK Sadly, you're probably right.

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
Pretty soon. Have a little tweeking to do. Perhaps I can get the ball started rolling tomorrow. I love your enthousiasm tho!

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
Let's Begin...
(with the pairs of characters, the list commences at 46 rather than 50)

46. Jack McDermott
(Peter Boyle)
" I am the Lord they God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me. Out of my way, *******."

Anyone who's seen The Dream Team knows just why I'm kicking the list off with Jack here. He's absolutely hilarious and Peter Boyle played him perfectly.

45. Princess Anne
(Audrey Hepburn)
"At midnight, I'll turn into a pumpkin and drive away in my glass slipper."

Darling Audrey's first starring role, and she brings all her sweetness and charm to Princess Anne. We all the feel trapped sometimes is what stands out to me most in Anne. But despite her longing to be free, Anne doesn't run away from her responsibility as Princess.

44. Michael "Mickey" Hayden
(Kiefer Sutherland)
John: You know, this drink to heal thing is such a cliche...
Mickey: Well it's my cliche, so I embrace it...

He's a tribute to the noir detectives of days of old, but somehow I like him more than most I've watched. Mostly though, Mickey's dry wit is the best part of the movie. He's always cracking jokes, something I appreciate.

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
It's a tad predictable, but I still thought it was very enjoyable. I didn't expect much from it either, but I think it's a pleasant surprise.

Kenny, don't paint your sister.
43. Reggie Love and Mark Sway
(Susan Sarandon and Brad Renfro)
Reggie: You've been lyin' to me. You got three to tell me the truth, 1... 2... 3...

I love the depth of both characters I think brought to life mostly by the great performances of Sarandon and Renfro. Grisham didn't give us just a goofy pre-teen boy. He's smart and strong enough to cope with a terrifying situation despite his young age. Reggie on the other hand seems to have a soft spot in my heart with her wit and determination.

42. Oddball
(Donald Sutherland)
"We got our own ammunition, it's filled with paint. When we fire it, it makes... pretty pictures. Scares the hell outta people!"

There's a lot to love about Kelley's Heroes, but I think Oddball really makes the movie. Whoever had the idea of putting his character in the middle of a WW2 battle is brillant.

41. Sidney Wang
(Peter Sellers)
"Big house like man married to fat woman: hard to get around."

Of all the hilarious characters, Wang had me laughing the hardest. The lines Neil Simon wrote, and possibly improvised by Peter Sellers, are hysterical but even more so timed just right. If I recall correctly, he's a pretty smart fortune cookie too. Except when it comes to English grammar.

This is a really awesome idea, CQ, and I hope lots of other MoFos steal it. I know I probably will!

It has a lot more tension than the favorites list, since a lot of us know what the top ten films are, and because there are so many more choices and chances for surprise. Awesome list so far.