Ravr12's DVD Collection


Started about a half year ago with buying dvd's etc.. so my collection isnt huge yet
I'll update this list with my new movies, I also made a nice webpage to keep on top off my collection which can be at: MY DVD COLLECTION WEBSITE(Under Construction)

Well here we go

  1. King Kong
  2. Indiana Jones
  3. The Godfather Collection
  4. The Warriors
  5. Duel
  6. Saving private ryan
  7. The Car
  8. Jacky Brown
  9. HITCHCOCK Collection: Rear Window
  10. HITCHCOCK Collection: Saboteur
  11. HITCHCOCK Collection: The Trouble With Harry
  12. HITCHCOCK Collection: The Man who knew too much
  13. HITCHCOCK Collection: Rope
  14. HITCHCOCK Collection: Psycho
  15. HITCHCOCK Collection: Shadow Of A Doubt
  16. Reservoir Dogs
  17. 2001: A Space odyssey
  18. Clockwork Orange
  19. Desperado
  20. Sin City
  21. Snatch
  22. The Wild One
  23. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
  24. Zulu
  25. Boondock Saints
  26. Dr Strangelove; or how learned to stop worrying and love the bomb
  27. 12 Angry men
  28. Pulp Fiction
  29. Donnie Darko
  30. Its A Mad Mad Mad World
  31. Office Space
  32. Race with the devil
  33. Christine
  34. Deathproof
  35. Planet Terror
  36. Once Upon A Time in The West
  37. Gran torino
  38. Citizen Kane
  39. Seven Samurai
  40. Kill Bill Vol. 1
  41. Kill Bill Vol. 2
  42. Once upon a time in america
  43. Apocolypse now
  44. HITCHCOCK Collection: The man who knew too much
  45. HITCHCOCK Collection: The 39 Steps
  46. HITCHCOCK Collection: Jamaica Inn
  47. HITCHCOCK Collection: Murder
  48. HITCHCOCK Collection: Number 17
  49. HITCHCOCK Collection: The Lady Vanishes
  50. HITCHCOCK Collection: Sabotage
  51. HITCHCOCK Collection: Secret Agent
  52. HITCHCOCK Collection: The Skin Game

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

You have a few others I like, but I'm loving these:

The Godfather Collection
The Warriors
Jackie Brown
Resevoir Dogs
Sin City
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
12 Angry men
Pulp Fiction
I'm guessing the King Kong is the Jackson version?