Y Tu Mama Tambien

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Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother Too)

This is a Mexican coming of age tale that I urge everyone to see. It's so refreshing to see the sexuality of young guys treated so frankly instead of being giggled at as it is in Hollywood teen-fare.

The story is simple. It's a road trip between two best friends (the two actors are best friends in real life too and it shows) and the wife of one of the guys' cousins. She's taken the trip in order to get her life sorted after her husband confessed to an affair, but there's a lot more going on with this character that we don't find out until the end. I think you can guess yourselves what actually happens to the trio. But it's so rare to see such honesty on screen.

The guy's are not good at sex. How could they be? They talk a lot about it, but they haven't a clue. In many ways, the woman has taken it upon herself to teach these boys a lesson. To force them to grow up.

Throughout the movie, the soundtrack silences completely and a narrator explains something about a supporting character or the area. It's a unique device that makes the film more than just a Mexican Porky's. The narrator's melancholy musings also prepare us for the end which isn't as happy as you would think it would be.

Still, if you can catch this, do. It's very graphic sexually and I'm sure the MPAA in the States won't rate it. We get to see the boys penises and my God, those things are so disgusing that we can't let anyone, adult or child, catch a glimpse.
I couldn't believe that she knew my name. Some of my best friends didn't know my name.

Y Tu Mama Tambien is my favorite movie I've watched this year so far.
**** the Lakers!

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My brother hated the film. He said it was just teenagers having sex throughout the whole film basically. Is that true?