Cold Souls

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Saw this awhile ago, and actually already reviewed it in the Movie Tab II thread. But it seemed worth expanding on, so I reworked it and posted it as an "official" review.

By the by, on the main Reviews page you'll find a tiny little flag on the corner of the Cold Souls review box that says "RENTAL." This is a new feature that should result in more reviews, as opposed to now, where I usually only write something formal for things I see in theaters.

It's a small change, but it should provide a nice way to keep the area fresh and updated even if I don't get out to the movies as often.

Cold Souls

To describe Cold Souls as "high concept" would be an understatement. Concepts don't get much higher than this, and following suit might help you enjoy it. If Charlie Kaufman were a character in Pineapple Express and loved Tolstoy, this is the kind of thing he might dream up. ...READ MORE

I've seen this movie at Target and was hesistant about picking it up because I want a Blu-ray version ~ looks like there isn't one. I will have to pick it up - sounds pretty interesting and I like Paul Giamatti.

It's not bad, but it's a little derivative of Kaufman. However, it wasn't only that and most importantly: it lacked personality. A great film always leaves a lasting impression. Cold Souls is funny, though, which makes it completely watchable.

I'd give it the same grade:

it lacked personality.

Sounds cold .
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