District 9 was snubbed, anyone with me?


I honestly felt District 9 was snubbed. The Hurt Locker was a great film, don't get me wrong, and I was very happy it beat out Avatar. But ideally I would have loved to have seen District 9 take the Best Picture. I know it's unrealistic. However, the only competition I see would have been with The Hurt Locker. District 9 was one fine film and although winning Best Picture would have been unrealistic, Best Cinematography should have been in the bag for it. I can't comprehend how Avatar won that instead of District 9. It was for the most part CG, and if we are basing Best Cinematography of CG now, why not nominate all those damn Myst video games. Does anyone besides me have any gripes with District 9 not winning Best Cinematography or Best Picture?
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The Myst games use still frame rendered graphics. Most of them, anyway.

I definitely think Avatar should NOT have gotten that award, but we know it would. I still need to see all the noms to really make a decision.
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Actually never mind. District 9 was not nominated for Best Cinematography. The hell with it though, I would have loved to have seen it win Best Picture.

Liked District 9 quite a bit, but I'm not upset it didn't take home Best Picture. That'd have been a fun surprise, but I feel a nomination in the expanded category feels just about right in terms of honoring it.

I didn't see District 9 because... Well, I didn't see any reason to. But I think it did well to be nominated. I don't think it was snubbed at all.

Yeah, I thought nominating it was a bit of a stretch but I'm really against the 10-movies nominated for best picture, though.

I think Moon was snubbed from a nomination. Way better than District 9.

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I really liked District 9 and I was surprised it didnt get any awards.
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It did have several critics awards which must've been satisfying for them, and it would've been a massive stretch to think it could've won the best picture oscar. I don't think it was snubbed at all, in fact I bet it was a surprise to have been nominated! The South Africans I know are hugely proud of Neill Blomkamp