Louis Malle's Zazie dans le metro

I just finished watching my first Louis Malle Zazie dans le métro, it's a whole lot of fun. Just image a intellagent, [email protected] know it all kid coming to the big city (PARIS) left with her uncle for a day and a half. With overcranked and undercracked mayham, jump cuts and a bunch of other camera gags that I just adore. Tons of weird characters doing unusual over the top things. Carla Marlier what a hottie. Oh yeah there's a talking PARROTT 2-boot.

Malle takes the Screwball comedy to another level. And adding to that fun I thought it carried a strong musical undertone of sorts. Everything moved in such a balletic fashion cars, people, colors, editing, simple everything was geared up. Reminds me of the Ocean when your trying to get out to sea in a little raft and it's tough as hell but once you get out there it's smooth sailing. Every new scene had that type of feel first hits you like and ton of bricks and slowly smooths out.

Louis Malle, I could tell from the get go that this guy was going for broke lettin it all hang out when the first thing he does is have actor Philippe Noiret talk to the camera about peoples aromas and than barring the grunt end of his own sardonic remarks. Playful, colorful & plentiful. The film is filled with laughfuls of joy. Tears most of today's comedies to pieces and the fact that it was made in (1959) only means that it's way ahead of it's time. I'd like to see more director take this free spirit towards there work and just go with the flow. Bringing characters in and out of scenes as he pleases. Treating certain charaters with rough edges and some with rounded smooth edges. Using a simple story and bringing it to life with a fantasy mood.